Your High Precision Belt Grinding Machine

  • Opening on long section for large workpieces

  • Highly rigid construction.

  • Easy to change belt

  • Extremely powerful grinding performance.

Armpro Belt Grinding Machine

Armpro Belt grinding machine is used for polishing and grinding on metals and other materials to remove irregularities.

It is typically used as a finishing process in industry, can also be used for polishing surfaces to make them shine.

A belt, coated in abrasive material, is run over the surface to be processed in order to remove material or produce the desired finish.

Armpro Belt Grinding Machine

Price Negotiable Professional S-75L-Belt Grinder Knife Making Grinder

Armpro S-75L-belt grinder best belt grinder for knife making, using a grinding wheel made from one of the manufactured abrasives, silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. The metal removal rate of the Armporo belt grinding machines is phenomenal with a grinding power over fifteen times traditional stone grinders. These powerful machines can radius heavy plate and bar in one operation, avoiding the need to crop or burn the required profile prior to dressing. A 50mm radius in 12mm steel plate is achieved in ten seconds. They have an endless variety of applications for Fabricators, Blacksmiths and many others in the metalworking industry.

Good stability and fast working speed

Adjustable height

Vibration-free operation 

Leading Industrial S-75-Belt Grinder-Grinding Machine with Low Price

Armpro leading S-75-Belt Grinding machine belongs to an effective tool that employs a rotating abrasive wheel to change the shape or dimensions of a hard, usually metallic body. With a simple tracking and tensioning system, Armpro belt grinding machine can extend the life of the belt and the machine. Armpro belt grinding machine is favored by lots of customers.

High belt speed

Wide application

High efficiency production

Portable High Quality Low Price S-75HA Belt Grinding Machine for Knife Making

The top guard of Armpro S-75HA belt grinding opens to a large flat grinding surface, which is very suitable for castings, widely applied in welding chamfered edges and finishing castings. Armpro grinding machine company provides customized machine depends on existing machine as well as buying solution for all the customers.

High belt speed

Wide application

Convenient and easy operation

High Production Fast Speed S-100 Belt Grinder with Easy Operation

Armpro fast speed S-100 belt grinder is kind of small but rigid constructed grinding machine, especially ideal for small workshops, featuring high efficiency and precision, less dust and low noise.

What's more,the abrasive band is convenient for replacement and adjustment, and the angle of belt grinder head can be adjusted up and down. Armpro S-100 belt grinder is equipped with a vibration-proof protective device and has an optional vacuum cleaner.

Quick adjusting belt angle

Vibration-free operation

High belt speed

Hydraulic Control Structure S-150HA Belt Grinder Fully Automatic Machine

The abrasive belt width of Armrpo S-150HA belt grinder up to 8"/200mm, suitable for many grinding request in workshop, fabrication shop. This type Armrpo S-150HA belt grinder is equipped with tilting polishing head, 3.0 kW powerful motor, 29m/s belt speed for metal grinding and wide belt size up to 200mm width, is favored by large number of users all over the world.

Considerable safety design

Humanized design frame

Large products programming storage

Adjustable Speed Hot Selling S-150HB Powerful Industrial Belt Grinder

Armpro S-150HB best belt grinder for knife making bears advanced control system, in which all the electric accessories are of good function and quality; much more stable structure, considering the actual production, Armpro S-150HB best belt grinder take the most suitable structure to ensure the machine work more quiet and smooth.

Quick adjusting belt angle

High efficiency production

Convenient and easy operation

High Performance S-150L-Belt Grinder with Fast Grinding Speed

Armrpo high performance S-150L belt grinding machine, equipped with quick adjustment for horizontal or angular position, has wider range for using, Armrpo S-150L belt grinding machine can be widely used in many aspects in fact. Armrpo S-150L belt grinding machine features high belt speed, large face, high efficiency and precision, less dust and low noise, and vibration-free operation. The angle of Armrpo S-150L belt grinder head can be adjusted up and down.

Adjustable height

Standard dust collector

Quick adjusting belt angle

Quick Adjusting S-150-Durable Belt Grinding Machine Easy Operation

Armpro quick adjusting S-150 our belt grinder is equipped with a vibration-proof protective device and has an optional vacuum cleaner, is well received by the customers all over the world. The abrasive band is designed convenient for customers, because replacement and adjustment is very easy to operate, featuring high efficiency and precision, less dust and low noise.

Good stability and fast working speed

Quick adjusting belt angle

Convenient and easy operation

Stable Structure S-220 Professional Hot Demand Belt Grinding Machine

Armrpro professional S-220 belt grinding machine bears the standard available width of grinder abrasive belt up to 8"/200mm, with large faces sanding area, suitable for many grinding request in workshop, fabrication shops and so on. This type of Armrpro professional S-220 belt grinding machine features high efficiency and precision, less dust and low noise, is widely recommend by the customers all over the world.

Good stability and fast working speed

Vibration-free operation

Beautiful appearance

Armpro Belt Grinding Machine Videos

Why Armpro is Trusted

Wide Selection

Armpro offers a wide selection of products catering to different applications.

24/7 Online Customer Support

Armpro Sales and Tech team are available for the pre-sale consultation, after-sales service, on 24/7.

Ergonomic Designed Machinery

All machinery are crafted with weight and balance that match their output for a more comfortable utilization.

High Quality Control System

Before delivery, all the machines needed to be checked and inspected fully for 48 hours.

Exceptional Engineering

With outstanding engineers and advanced technology, Armpro creates more high-quality &effective machines.

Warranty Coverage

Armpro offers 2 years warranty for all metalworking machines that customers can be guaranteed a complete after-sale serviced.

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The Buyer's Guide

Belt Grinding Machine:The Complete FAQ Guide in 2021

Belt Grinding Machine is considered as one of the vital machines for making sure that you get abrasively manufactured products. For making quick transitions in the grinding process and giving composed output ratio without any flaw then belt.

The mechanism of grinding can be done with any kind of grinding machine but if you want flawless output by using a unique grinding machine then you need to select a Belt Grinding Machine.

In this guide, you will come to know many informative details about the Belt Grinding machine so that you can easily select the machine as per the product type and quality that you want. Let’s get started with different types of questions that will help you to understand the machine.

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    1.What is Belt Grinding Machine?

    Belt grinding machine

    Belt grinding machine


    It is used in metals and other materials. It is used in belt grinding and many other materials. In industry, it is used for the complementary process. A material is worn through a belt attached to it.

    This material is driven on the belt to remove the coating and finishing material in the abrasive material. Power tools or machine tools are grinding machines. They are used for grinding. It is used as a cutting tool.

    Each kernel that is scratched on the surface of the wheel by a scissor break cuts a small chip from the work piece. Grinding is commonly used to make the work piece

    2.What are the different types of Belt Grinding Machine?

    Belt grinding machines are those that work through abrasive discs or belts and are used to take any metal material for function lanthanum and debarring. This is a type of grinder. The Belt grinder machine is further divided into types. Let us know about them.

    • Stationary belt grinding machine

    Stationary belt grinding machine

    Stationary belt grinding machine 

    Stationary Belt Grinder is a popular option if you have space in your workshop so stay in one place of the shop. And it's a standalone model. The reason it stays in one place in the store is that it's big and it's hard to move.

    Complete control of the grinding process is a simple matter of this grind. This belt grind is an automatic machine but you will have complete control over the physical grip of the material. The belts themselves are hands-free, which is why it is also called an automatic machine.

    • Bench belt grinding machine

    A Belt grinder is a good option for workshops that do not have much space for new tools. The bench top model works just like the stationary model, but due to its small size, its working space and belt length are reduced.

    Bench top models are also very easy to work with. Workstations are always at arm's length and their way of working is also comfortable.

    • Handheld belt grinding machine

    Being portable, handhelds are the simplest type of metal grinder and their advantage is that they can be carried to any place of work. Whether it is away from your workshop or on the other side, this model is controlled by hand and not automatically. So it will be easier to control it by hand. This is a model for applying more direct pressure.

    • Disc grinding machine

    There are abrasive machines that are usually used for high accuracy tasks, ie tasks that have to be done in a completely correct way.

    This machine is also generally suitable for circular operation. This involves the process of flattening the metal disc using of an abrasive disk attached directly to it. Because there is no friction between the disc and the abrasive disc and this helps you because it allows you to make the perfect flat.

    3.What are the different advantages of the Belt Grinding Machine?

    Investing in a metalworking shop through belt grinding is something you can consider. A Belt grinder would be the best option for the fabric shop due to its wide capabilities.

    A Belt grinder should be considered before making various investments. So that you know the benefits of belt grading, you will be able to see the benefits of different types of belt grinding machines and how they work.  Be able to. This will give you an idea of ​​how a belt grinding machine can benefit your business.

    • Easy to use

    The type of belt grinding does not matter what type of grinding machine you are using as they are all easy to use and we can use the belt only with a few safety precautions. The task can be made easier by taking some precautionary measures at the beginning.

    • Increase workshop production

    Using Belt Grinder also increases your productivity which is a huge profit of Belt Grinder. This tool can help you complete complementary jobs faster so it will increase productivity around the workshop.

    Belt sander grinding machine

    Belt sander grinding machine

    • Multipurpose

    Being useful in a variety of jobs is another major benefit of belt grinding. Debarring removal is a popular application of stock and phishing metal granules.

    Fishing helps to smooth out rough surfaces and the shiny shape also provides fishing for the final product. This includes removing unwanted elements and shrinkage from the surface, debarring and removing stock.

    • Less power and eco friendly

    Belt grinding machine generally gives more efficiency and it absorbs less set amount and gives more output. As the belt grinding machine consumes less electricity and environmentally friendly energy. Higher the grinding ratio of the grinding machine, the faster the power of the machine and the higher the grinding process.

    • No need for job skill

    No extra skills or long courses are required to operate this machine. Learning is easy.

    • Safe

    This grinding belt machine is easy and safe to operate; it produces a small amount of dust and low noise. Its balance is easier to control than a wheeled machine because the belt weighs less. Due to which the belt is quite flexible and reduces the weight of the belt.

    4.Explain industrial uses of Belt Grinding Machine?

    The belt grinding machine is being used as a complementary process in the industry.

    • Making knives in the industry

    Belt making knives grinding machine

    Belt making knives grinding machine 

     One of the ancient craftsmanship of civilization is to make knives. Grinders are commonly used to make knives. Let's see how to use a belt grinder to make knives. The 2 × 72 professional grinder for making knives is the most popular. The 2 × 72 Belt Grinder is the best set for making knives.

    As a fresh start, you can invest in a 1 × 72 Belt Grinder as it is within the price range of those interested in accelerating blood. But this belt is not more effective than the big knives and makes it less efficient in reducing heat than the less efficient 2 × 72 belts.

    Material belt grinding

    The process of material belt grinding is very popular in most industries. This stage can be defined as the process by which information is given a very specific shape.

    • Making raw materials

    For example, materials are converted to fine particles in response to a process, as they accelerate and decrease in temperature as the surface area increases.

    • Bicycle manufacturing industry

    Pipe belt grinding machine

    Pipe belt grinding machine

    Belt grinding machines are used in industries to make bicycles because they are also used to shape pipes to a certain shape. A belt grinding machine is a process that is used in abrasives. It has components that work with it. Let's look at their parts.

    5.What are the different parts of the Belt Grinding Machine?

    • Base

    The base usually provides the base of the machine under the moving machine as it provides support to any vertical and horizontal machine. The base should generally be strong and sturdy. It is usually made of stainless steel and helps everyone else because if the base is strong then the rest will be able to do the other part.

    The base must be tied tightly at the bottom because if the base is not fastened then other parts of the machine will not work properly. The result is that the machine will not wear out properly and will not perform well.

    Parts of belt grinding machine

    Parts of belt grinding machine

    • Worktable

    Work bases are usually placed on the work table and they are moved back and forth. The table is very important for any vertical or bench belt machine because the foil is placed in this place, the operators work easily and it is placed properly.

    The table should generally be adjusted firmly so that the table does not move out of place when grinding. This can be done horizontally using the right or left trowel, which is called the hand trolley and the stone wheel.  The table is firmly attached to the base so that it does not rotate.

    • Column

    This is usually a vertical column with a wheel guard wheel hand and abrasive wheel. It strengthens the machine and supports the machine so that the machine stays stable.

    • Abrasive wheel-grand

    Using compartment traversing up or down vertical feed hand wheel is also called Grinders push the belt forward over the head to touch the work piece.

    • Pulleys

    The abrasive grinding machine has two poles with a belt at the top and lore and an upper pulley. Above them is an abrasive belt. Abrasive particles consist of aluminum oxide silicon carbide and bromium nitrite.

    This is why they are called abrasive belts. The whole machine has a casing that protects it from any kind of damage.

    • Belt supporting plate

    This plate usually supports the belt. When the work piece touches the belt, it does not push the belt too far back.

    • Motor pulley

    The motor that drives the machine also has an open inside which is connected to the belt.

    6.Explain how Belt Grinding Machine works?

    Care is taken before the grinding machine is operated. The roller is carefully placed on the belt.

    Pipe belt grinding machine

    Work belt grinding machine


    The necessary belt tension is adjusted with the head wheel to avoid damage. The belt should be slightly press-able. The safety devices are fixed according to the instructions. The upper free belt roller and the belt roller cover belong to it are defined to run in the shorthand belt of the hand belt. The run-off center belt is adjusted for the term to run the belt. The work piece is then placed on a sliding table and run on a sandbar.

    If there is a space of 5 mm between the work and the sand strip, then it reaches the correct height of the table. If there is a space of 5 mm between the work and the sand strip, then it reaches the correct height of the table.

    The direction of movement of the sand strip is adjusted by the sand strip. After all this work, the exhaust device is turned on and the machine is ready to run.



    After setting the work piece on the table is adjusted then adjusted on the top bar. In this way, the surface is smoothed to make the material thicker for grinding.


    Grinders that have an electric motor have an electric machine rotating at a specific RPM. This increases or decreases the speed of the machine according to which the speed of the machine is adjusted accordingly.


    The motor is driven, it is connected to the lower pulley of the machine by the pull belt attached to it and it drives the machine. And the lower pole connects to the belt with the upper pulley, thus the rotation of the belt by the rotation of both poles.

    This is how the machine starts moving and the work piece is adjusted on the table for scraping. This way the material is scraped and adjusted as needed and the bridge is scraped exactly right.

    7.Compare Belt Grinding Machine & Belt Sander Machine?

    • Belt grinding machine

    Belt grinding machine

    Belt grinding machine

    A Belt grinding machine is usually used to scrape anything. It usually uses a machine that grinds metal objects. The belt grinding machine is bought according to the capacity of the machine model. There are different types of models.

    These models also have a portable grinding machine that is small and used for scraping materials that are difficult to get to. The use of belt grinding machines is very common. They are used in industries and are driven by electric motors.

    • Belt sander machine

    Wide belt sander grinding machine

    Wide belt sander grinding machine

    A Belt sander or street sander machine is used for making and finishing wood and other materials. The Electric motor is a turning of drums that is a pendant or continuous nouns installed in it. Belt sander from sandpaper is used to achieve a completely smooth surface.

    It is highly effective in preparing woodwork and generally removing roughness such as less aggressive tools in the process of function sanding and random materials. The belt rate must be boring with it that the lethal action belt can be destroyed.

    Can be a belt sander with a long vertical or horizontal surface and can choose both. The belt sander is bigger and more popular than the other. It has a small example table is a feature. Belt sanders are used to plan more popular wooden items.

    8.What are the specifications of the Belt Grinding Machine?

    Belt Grinding Machine is the most used machine in different models of belt glowing, which are different features that are used by their features.


    Specification belt grinding machine

          Specification belt grinding machine 

    If we talk about a cylindrical central machine then its central height is 200/250. And its swing diameter is 395/495. And if we talk about its maximum grading length then 1000/1250/1500/1700 is. And its grinding wheel is 450/500 in diameter.

    This refers to the generally abrasive material. L represents the degree of the wheel. This is called the degree of moderate hardness.  There are different types of grinding machines which are distributed by large size machines available from large size. Large size machines are available in workshops with ample space and a table with a large amount of abrasive material. Work is done by placing the work piece on it.

    It is available in horizontal and vertical shapes. Also, if small material is scratched, then one model is portable drilling machine. the belt grinding machine is widely used due to its additional features and high efficiency, it has greatly reduced the labor of the workers. It works very fast. Its working capacity is many times higher than other grinding machines.

    In addition to saving time, it also saves money. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

    9.What are the safety requirements to work with Belt Grinding Machine?

    • Cheek the speed

    The speed mill should always be monitored, ie it should be monitored on the wheel. It should not rotate faster than RPM.

    • Check abrasive wheel guard

    Safety abrasive wheel guard

    Safety abrasive wheel guard

    Do not use a grinder wheel without protection. Check the grinder thoroughly at the same time before using it and fix it in case of any defect.

    • Ensure proper assembly of flange and other parts

    The grinding wheel should generally be reinforced on top of each other to ensure the correct smooth movement.

    • Use right wheel dimension

    Ensure the safety of the grinding wheel using the right dimensions and contributing to high efficiency helps to achieve maximum rotation speed.

    • Always test before running

    Abrasives should always be checked before starting any type of work. If any damage or defect is to be detected, operate the grinder in a safe place such as a safe enclosure under a workbench.

    • Always wear personal protective equipment

    Safety requirements for belt grinding machine

    Safety requirements for belt grinding machine

    All protective equipment such as goggles should be used as grinding causes sparks when the garment is consumed.

    Eyes should be protected from sparks coming out so that sparks do not get into the eyes. And if you look at sparks in addition to spectacles, they also damage the eyes. And to protect the body from harm, certain types of gloves and clothing should be worn.

    • Carry out maintenance at regular intervals of time

    Take care of the grinder according to the manufacturer's instructions and do not use any defective device that is harmful to your grinder. And do not speed up the grinder too much and take all possible precautions to take care of the grinder as needed.

    10.What are important points you should keep in mind while purchasing a Belt Grinding Machine?

    The grinding machine is used to make full use of the grinding material. When you visit the market to buy the machine, you will meet different manufacturers who offer the machine with different features.

    The types that cater to the different needs of consumers will be discussed in the following discussion. The following are the features and features that consumers are looking for. The first thing to know about their different features and to know this is to determine in which of these areas they are purchased.

    • Material processed

    It is the first to be prepared to keep the material, which they want to do through these machines, for example, used for cleaning plastic metals and wooden.

    Thus buckle grinder used for abrasive in it can use steel for soft material and aluminum. Considering the industry setup in the region is the most important fact. When buying a machine, keep in mind the industry set up you are looking for with the audience.

    • Specification of machine

        Specification _of belt sander grinding machine

       Specification  of belt sander grinding machine 

    You can get different specifications of different machines from the machine supplier. Before buying a machine, consider a few things about the size of the wheel.

    • Input power for various purposes given to operate the machine is rated as well as load speed.
    • Grinding head control vertical or horizontal spindle.
    • After that the machine is either CNC controlled or hand-operated.
    • Indeed that buying the right machine is not easy but there are some important parts to consider.

    Whenever you buy a machine, research into specific industry goals will help you in making the right machine.


    Throughout this article, the conclusion is that the speed of the belt grinding machine is higher and unique than that of any other type of machine. And it makes it plain by scraping different materials and it is made to give special shape to different products in the metal industry.

    This product is used for very accurate abrasion and has a lot of power consumption. And it's a time-saving process. In short, if you look at this machine, it's a unique invention. This significantly reduced the labor costs of the workers entering the industry.

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