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Armpro CNC Tapping Machine

CNC tapping Machine is a computer-controlled machine tool used to machine parts in a wide variety of work industries, characterized by high speed, high accuracy, and high productivity.

Over the decades of development, the CNC tapping center has been improved to be one of the “all-in-one” machine tools, capable of performing a variety of works including CNC milling and fine CNC boring in addition to CNC tapping. Coupling with CNC capability, CNC tapping centers are much productive, reliable and are known for their superb machining work capabilities.  

Armpro CNC Tapping Machine

AT8520 CNC Drilling & Tapping automatic machine

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

Armpro CNC Tapping Machine

AT16 Benchtop CNC Tapping machine

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

Armpro CNC Tapping Machine

AT12 Benchtop CNC Tapping machine

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

Armpro CNC Tapping Machine

AT8510 Benchtop CNC Tapping machine

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

Armpro CNC Tapping Machine

ZK26 CNC Drilling and Tapping machine machine

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

ZM600A CNC tapping center

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

ZM650C CNC tapping center

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

ZM700 CNC tapping center

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

TP800V CNC tapping center

Precision casting frame

Beautiful appearance

Cost effective and low consumption

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Wide Selection

Armpro offers a wide selection of products catering to different applications.

24/7 Online Customer Support

Armpro Sales and Tech team are available for the pre-sale consultation, after-sales service, on 24/7.

Ergonomic Designed Machinery

All machinery are crafted with weight and balance that match their output for a more comfortable utilization.

High Quality Control System

Before delivery, all the machines needed to be checked and inspected fully for 48 hours.

Exceptional Engineering

With outstanding engineers and advanced technology, Armpro creates more high-quality &effective machines.

Warranty Coverage

Armpro offers 2 years warranty for all metalworking machines that customers can be guaranteed a complete after-sale serviced.

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CNC tapping center, drill tap center
CNC tapping center, drill tap center
CNC tapping center, drill tap center
CNC tapping center, drill tap center
CNC tapping center, drill tap center
CNC tapping center, drill tap center
Armpro factory
CNC tapping center, drill tap center
CNC tapping center, drill tap center

The Buyer's Guide

CNC Tapping Machine:The Complete Buying Guide In 2021

There is an assortment of ways of making strings on a CNC Tapping Machine, to be specific by tapping, single point stringing, and string processing. Every product has advantages and disadvantages and is appropriate to specific undertakings. Single Point Threading is done on machines, as opposed to plants, and includes a shaper whose shape is the string structure.

Tapping can be significantly quicker than thread milling processing, specifically on a machine set up for inflexible tapping.

This guide will help you through the multiple details of this machine. Let’s get started.

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    1. What is a CNC Tapping Machine/CNC Tapping center?

    Tapping machines are something that every worker or machinist is aware of working in the heavy-duty industry. But what is new is the introduction of the CNC machines. What is CNC and how it is benefiting the tapping process all across the world? Let's find out:

    CNC Tapping Machine

    CNC Tapping Machine

    CNC stands for computer numerical control. As the name suggests this means that the machines are controlled with the help of computerized programs. The heavy-duty machines nowadays are working with the help of the computer. The desired software is installed in them along with some other important computerized parts that help in the completion of the task in no time. The CNC machine/CNC tapping center would mostly consist of the following three components:

    • Command Function
    • Motion System
    • Feedback System

    These systems are the ones that help in controlling the machining process and produce different parts out of solid materials.

    Now talking about the tapping then we know that tapping is basically for creating threads in the holes created with the help of drillers. The CNC tapping machines work on the same principles as mentioned above. All the desired information, such as the type of threads, time, frequency, spindle speed, etc, is fed into the computerized panel. The panel then interprets the design and the machine starts working. Nothing is manual when you are working with this and the process is faster and convenient.

    2.What are the Applications of the CNC tapping machine/CNC Tapping center?

    Creating some really deep internal threads has been made easy by the CNC tapping machines/CNC tapping center. Before the introduction of the CNC, the tapping process was done manually by the workers. The process was quite time-consuming and also energy draining. And the precision and the durability of the threads were also questionable.

    Now with the introduction of the CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center, all those tasks are easy to perform with less or no need of the human hands. The CNC tapping machines are used in creating internal threads not only in the nuts and bolts but also in a lot of the other working industries. The CNC tapping machines /CNC tapping centerare used for making different machine parts. Those are:

    • automotive parts
    • shoe parts
    • jewelry making industry
    • Making machine tools
    • For making tobacco machinery
    • Plastic machinery
    • Printing industry
    • Packaging industry
    • Engineering machinery
    • Motorbike parts making

    . The difference would be only the type of threads created and the taps head that is used in making the threads in these types of products.

    Different Parts of CNC Tapping Machine

    Different Parts of CNC Tapping Machine

    Moreover, the introduction of the CNC in the types of tapping machines has also made the process convenient. Whether it is nut tapping machines, Hydraulic tapping machines, flex arm tapping machines, or pneumatic tapping machines. You will find CNC variants in these which might be a little more expensive but compared to the performance the price is nothing.

    3. What are the advantages of a CNC tapping machine/CNC Tapping center?

    Being fully automatic and easy to use, the CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center is surely a handy tool when it comes to tapping internal threads. The extreme precision and accuracy that the CNC machines /CNC tapping centerprovide are a plus and due to these features, the CNC tapings/CNC tapping center are helping businesses to satisfy their clients by giving the best products. This one-time investment can save you lots of money and the process that is needed to be done by hand is done with the help of a computer. The chances of errors are quite less.

    Here are some of the advantages that you can have if you go to buy a CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center:

    CNC Tapping Machine

    No chance of errors:

    When using a CNC tapping machine the chances of any error are eliminated. The CNC machines/CNC tapping center are designed in such a way to provide you with extreme accuracy. Operating a machine there are chances that you might encounter any human error but when using a computerized machine there is no chance of mistakes. You might face any error in the software or something like that but it's just a matter of getting it solved. Otherwise, the whole process of creating internal threads is smooth and mistakes are fewer.

    No Errors While Working

    No Errors While Working

    Low maintenance cost:

    After Investing in a good CNC tapping machine, all you need to do is keep it in the right shape and care for it properly. If you are successful in doing that your tapper is going to last you way longer than claimed. The machine is not easily breakable except for the tapper heads or any technical problems. But that's also a lot of human mistakes as they might have not attached the head right etc. Aside from that the maintenance cost of the tapping machine is low and if taken care of properly less to no chances of any breakage. So, it means one machine is going to last you decades.

    Automatic process:

    The whole process of creating threads is automatic. This means less labor needed and less energy drawing. CNC tapping machines /CNC tapping centeronly require the instructions that they have to follow. Simply just enter the desired instruction in the computerized panel. Rest is for the machine to perform. Some machines like the nut tapper machines do require you to put the bolts or nuts in the hopper. So that is something that the worker might need to do.

    Less human resource:

    The CNC tapping machines save you the cost of hiring the workers. That is because due to being fully automatic and digitized there is no need for any worker to perform any kind of task. The CNC tapper /CNC tapping centerfollows the digitized instructions instruct the tapping arm to do the whole work of creating the internal threads according to the ten formations provided.

    Easy to install and operate:

    Installing the CNC tappers /CNC tapping centeris no hard job. You just need to follow the manual that the machine comes with or you can also consult the internet for the installation. For operating the machine, you might need a good understanding of the whole working process. But don't worry that's also nothing to worry about. There are a lot of tech education centers that provide education on how to operate CNC tapping machines. So, installation and operation are nothing to worry about.

    Easy to Operate

    Easy to Operate

    Customized heads:

    The best part is that the CNC tapping machine, like the manual ones, is compatible with the different tapping heads. Different threads need different types of tapping heads. And for that, you need to get the head that is compatible with the thread you want to create. Even the slightest non-compatibility can destroy and damage the threads and the whole process can go to waste. And the good parts are that the CNC machine works with different tapping heads with ease. You can even use the customized tapping heads with the CNC machines.

    Extreme Precision:

    When creating threads, you need to be careful that all the threads are the same in size, shape, and depth. For threads to be really precise your machine should also be efficient in working. And that's what the CNC tapping machines are for. In the CNC machines, instructions that you have added one time create the same and accurate threads in the whole material. So, talking about the precision, nothing is more precise than the CNC tappers.


    As the process is automatic and no manual task is needed to be done, CNC makes the tapping process less time-consuming. Adding the instructions takes not much time. And the machines reliably complete the tasks in no time and you're done.

    4.What is the composition of the CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center?

    composition of the CNC tapping machine

    A lot of the parts of the CNC tapping machine are the same as the normal tapping machines but a little bit of difference is still present. Following is the composition of parts of the CNC tapping machine:

    • Servo Motor
    • Controller
    • Bracket
    • Tap Torque protection Chuck
    • Display System
    • Fixed base
    • Bottom locked up handle
    • Upper handle
    • Lower Bracket
    • UPPER Bracket
    • Digital control system
    • Operating handle
    • Decelerator
    • Auxiliary Handle
    • Screw tap
    • Connector for tapping heads

    Now as different types of tapping machines come in the CNC variants aside from the manual version so there could be a little bit of difference when it comes to the components. Every machine has a different working principle. Some work with fluids whereas some work with the r as the power supply. SO what type you are getting will have all the basic parts listed above but slight changes may be present in them.


    Composition of CNC Tapping Machine

    5.How does a CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center operate?

    Operating a CNC tapping machine is not something really difficult. You just need to get some basic information and you are a pro. Here is how you can operate a CNC tapping machine:

    • Before tapping anything first you need to drill a hole in which you are going to create the internal threads. So first drill a hole in the materials according to the desired diameter.
    • After successfully creating the who chose the tapping head that is compatible with the hole. Be careful when choosing the hole because of the head is not compatible you might damage the threads.
    • Attach the head to the tapping machine
    • Now switch on the power of the tapping machine. And turn on the controller. After that time to put the instructions on the computer.
    • Set the tapping speed, the frequency, type of threads, and the time
    • Hold the forward rotation button and wait for the servo motor to start working
    • The servo motor will then convert the voltage signal n to the torque and the tapping arm will start working and creating threads
    • Now after you have created the threads press the reverse button and withdraw the arm and continue the tapping process
    • Be mindful of the fluid injecting system as it should be working when you are creating threads. As it helps in keeping the additional scraps in place and lessen the wear during the tapping process
    • You can also change the tapping head sin between the process with ease

    6.What are the features of the CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center?

    Following are the features of the CNC tapping machines/CNC tapping center:

    Overload protection system: An overload protection system is something that should be present in every tool. And the good thing about CNC tappers is that they come with an in-built overload protection system. Moreover, the computer easily adjusts the torque and taps continuously so that there is no pressure on the system.

    Flexible and efficient: the flexibility and the efficiency of the CNC tappers /CNC tapping centermake them a desirable option. These machines are lightweight and easy to handle due to which moving or transporting them is effortless. Moreover, the versatility and the flexible operations make the tapping process quite easy. Due to automated functions, there are fewer chances of mistakes and immediate completion of the tasks.

    features of the CNC tapping machine

    Flexible & Efficient Work

    Stable Torque: Another remarkable thing about these machines is the stable torque. The powerful servo motor provides the machine with a torque that is enough to perform the work with ease. While creating threads the most important part is the torque with which the machine works. If it is too excessive or too less there are high chances that you are going to end up with damaged or deranged threads. That can happen in manuals sometimes. But with the CNC machines, chances of the error are eliminated. IT keeps the torque at the right point to get you those smooth threads.

    Torque clamp: The presence of the torque clamp protects the tap and ensures that there is no or less wear to the tap. Moreover, it also ensures that the holes that have been tapped whether it is the blind hole or the through-hole are tapped perfectly and do not break easily. The precision of the tap is also ensured by the torque clamp.

    No lifting of heavy objects: Unlike manual machines, the CNC tappers are quite lightweight and easy to handle. Moving and transporting these machines are not a problem and you can easily move them the way you like. A lot of the machines come with wheels which makes the moving process even easier.

    Automatic arms: The presence of automatic arms like the rocker-type arm avoids any limitation during the tapping process. And saves you from any further labor cost and energy you keep in moving the arms back and forth.

    For all kinds of tasks: CNC tapping machines are designed to perform almost every type of task. You will find these machines in every working industry as these are quite an important tool in manufacturing different machine parts. So whatever industry you are working in you will definitely find a tapping machine there and being fully automated the whole process becomes, even more, easier and effortless.

    Precision Of CNC Machine

    Precision Of CNC Machine

    7.What is the technical specification of the CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center?

    Speed: When it comes to speed then most of the CNC tapping machines/CNC tapping center work at different RPMs. But the most observed speeds are n between 100 RPM the 400 RPM. You will mostly find the CNC machines in between this RPM. There might be some more than this speed but it mostly depends upon the type of work you require from the CNC machine. As different types of taper work at the speed required for the work they are going to perform.

    Power: As tapping requires quite a powerful motor, the CNC tapper /CNC tapping centermostly comes in the range of 400 – 75r0 watts. But again, as we mentioned above the power may be different according to the type and the work you require from eth CNC tappers.

    Electric: CNC tappers use around 220 Volts of electricity supply, which is quite a standard range.

    Motor: Like the standard tappers these machines also use the servo motor. The servo motor converts the electricity into power to move the torque forward and backward for tapping. IT is the capability of the servo motor that keeps the torque of the tapping head and the arm stable and does not let the torque get too high or too less.

    Working Range: The working range of these tapping machines is between 900 MM the 1900 MM. You will mostly find these in the mentioned range but again depends upon the work you are going to perform.

    Working Range of M3-16 CNC Machine

    Working Range of M3-16 CNC Machine

    Tap Holder: Tapping machines have different capacities to hold the tappers. You will find one tapping machine having a range that the other won't have. The most common tap holding compact is the

    • M3-M12
    • M6-M16
    • M6-M24
    • M6-M30
    • M6-M36

    8.What should we consider before purchasing a CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center?

    Just like when before buying any tool we check for its features and consult different sources to collect as much information we can get. The same process goes for the tapping tools. Before buying the tapping tools, it is better to have a good look at the features that every machine is providing and how these can benefit you. In the case of the CNC tapping machines following are the pointers that you should look for before buying the tapping machines:

    • What is the production capacity of the tool? The production capacity of a tool is quite important as it is indicative of how much work the tool can handle.
    • Processing length is also indicative of how much the tool is going to work. So before going for buying a CNC tapping machine be mindful to check for the processing length of the tapping tool.
    • The speed of the tool indicates how time-consuming the process is going to be. Most CNC machines come in higher speeds and t can go as high as 12000 RPMs but it also depends upon the material you are using for making the spindle.
    • The material of the spindle is also important. As we mentioned above, the material used in making the spindle is also important. As the better, the material of the spindle the better the speed is going to be and the better the finish is going to be.
    • Does the machine have an oscillating operation in it? The oscillating operation makes the process less time-consuming as it uses two stations for work. When the work is done from one station it is moved to the second station. This saves you the time and lifting and uplifting of heavy objects.
    • Checking of the software. Is the software that the machines work on is compatible with your work. And if in future there is any problem in the software it is easy to solve.
    • Last but not least is the necessary education to operate the CNC tapping machine you are buying easily available.

    9.What are the possible troubleshoots of the CNC tapping machine/CNC tapping center?

    The CNC tapping machines work the same as the normal ones except for the whole automated feature. But when it comes to the problem and technical issues that you might face then there is not much of an exception in both types. Here are some of the issues that you might face while using a CNC tapping machine:

    Reversal Failure: A very common problem that you might face while using the CNC tapping machines is tap reversal failure. This mostly occurs when your cutting angle is way too tight. Or there is the possibility that the tapping chips are jamming the flutes of the tapper. Because of this, the work performance is affected greatly and the tapper cannot work properly.

    If you are facing problems like these then the better option is to increase the cutting angle. IN this way the tap will be able to perfectly reverse and the tapping process will be smooth. Sometimes the tap starts to stall, which means that you are not using the right tap. In that case, change the taps and then start the tapping process.

    Damaged threads: The whole process is done and then time to inspect the work done and what you see. The threads are not smooth instead are damaged. Your whole work will be ruined. And that's why the speed of the tap is really important. If the taper is only tearing the materials apart and not creating the desired threads that mean your taper is way too slow to create the right threads.

    Different Threads

    Different Threads-Photo Credit: sans

    Moreover, another reason for the damaged threads is your tap is dull and needs sharpening. If that's the case then it is better to get the tap sharpened first before replacing it. But if the threads are not right then you should consider changing the tap.

    Chipping of threads: If you are facing the issue of chipped threads that means you are not using the right tab head. Or the alignment of the head is not at the through an angle. The tap needs to be in the right place and the right alignment as even the slightest malalignment can destroy the whole threads. And you will end up with the chipped threads.

    Another reason for not getting the right threads is the dull tap. Yes, if your tap is dull then this can also be a reason for not getting the threads right. So before starting any process it is better to check whether the tap is sharp enough or not.

    Tap Breakage: Tap breakage is another problem that you might face when using a CNC tapping machine. And that is the most common problem that you will face while using the tapping machine. Well, this is bound to happen when you are using the same head over and over again. But sometimes it happens due to some other mistakes so before you go for the replacing option do check some of the points:

    • Is the power output of the machine, correct?
    • Is your machine overloaded with work?
    • Is the tap sharp enough to create threads?
    • Is the alignment of the tap fine?
    • Is the tap compatible with the material you are using?

    If these are the factors then it is better to solve these problems. But if still after this the problem is not solved then it is better to get the tap replaced.

    10.Does every CNC machine come with tool geometry?

    CNC machines come with various cutting tools to help you in creating the threads according to the material you are using. Aside from that you will find some of the tools useful for other types of processes and help in modifying the existing taps. Following are the tools that all the CNC machines come with:

    • End Mill
    • Roughing end mill
    • Face Mill
    • Fly Cutter
    • Thread Mill
    • Drill Bit
    • Reamer
    • Hollow Mill
    • Side and face cutter
    • Gear cutter
    • Slab Mill

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