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Armpro Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Armpro pneumatic tapping machine applies to workpieces screw tap of mould and machine tool which is difficult to move. It uses high-pressure air as the power. When the high-pressure air is connected to the tapping motor through the air pressure regulator, the trigger is pressed, and the high-pressure air enters the motor through the intake valve and the reversing button assembly to drive the motor rotor blade to generate the shaft. To the rotational force, after the rotor moves, the gear output of each gear pair is more convenient and efficient.

Armpro Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Customized High Thickness Aluminum Stainless Steel Pipe M312-P Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Armpro M312-P pneumatic tapping machine adopts high thickness aluminum stainless steel pipe, applying to workpieces which are difficult to move. Thanks to the wide range of adjustments of tapping speed, this type of tapping machine can set the depth of the threads. Replacing electric welding, the pneumatic machine has high strength link between rivet nuts and work pieces.

High precision and high lifespan pneumatic cylinders

Depth positioning

Large tapping air pressure


M312-PA Pneumatic Thread Tapping Arm with Air Tapper Chuck

Armpro M312-PA pneumatic thread tapping arm is adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts and operation parts. This type of machine has simple structure in linear type, so it is easy in installation and maintaining. It runs in a high automatization and intellectualization, highly improving the efficiency of production.

Large working area

Wide application

High precision and high lifespan pneumatic cylinders

Universal M316-P Pneumatic Thread Tapping Motor Owing High Demand

Compared to traditional way by air directly driving, the most valuable working way of universal M316-P pneumatic tapping machine is to stabilize the output torque resulting in a stable operation by users, without damaging the working surface of work piece. By applying to high pressure double crank in it, Armpro M316-P Pneumatic Thread Tapping motor can control the die opening and closing.

Convenient and easy operation

Portable and flexible weight

Advanced mechanism design

Expert M316-PA Convenient Stainless Steel Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Armpro M316-PA pneumatic tapping machine applies a linker to connect with the air conveyor, which can directly in line with the filling machine. The pneumatic tapping machine is good for production lines and maintenance, especially good for automobile industry and auto repairs. It is strongly recommended by customers all over the world.

Large tapping air pressure

Advanced mechanism design

Smart speed adjustment

Armpro Tapping Machine Videos

The Buyer's Guide

Pneumatic Tapping Machine:The Complete Importing Guide in 2021

Pneumatic Tapping Machine is one of the reliable and a convenient source for making tapping holes inside different metal items. You can utilize this machine for multiple tapping purposes just by replacing a tap head with another one.

This tapping machine comes with work flexibility and ease in tapping because of its adjustable arms that you can set according to your work needs. Not only that, the low exchange time of chuke will increase your productivity will be up to maximum too.

Let’s have a deep dive into the different aspects of Pneumatic Tapping Machine. Without further due, let’s get it started.

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    1.What is Pneumatic Tapping Machine?

    Tapping is a very versatile machine that's used in the construction industry for producing threads or, in layman, called holes in different materials. Tapping tools come in various types along with various sizes. And you will find this type of machine used for boring holes in those delicate gold jewelry to boring holes in those giant heavy metal plates etc.

    Pneumatic tapping machine

    Pneumatic tapping machine

    Automation tapping is used in industries to improve the production system. It is being used the most. It is being used on a small and large scale. The method of creating a fine thread is used in thread tapping. It is a type of make-up processing equipment that deals with the internal threading of parts, teeth, or screw boxes. For example, the end of the tool end includes the nut end and the other end.

    The traditional method are called hand tapping. The overall cost and time required is high. In the present situation, with the development of industrial production, the trend towards machine tapping has become more traditional. All the problems due to the tapping machine have been overcome. It is compressed for an operation which is used in pad tapping without human involvement.

    hand tapping

    Use auto-feed mechanism which is especially for pneumatic means developing industry. It increases productivity by reducing working hours. It is used to make thread holes on any surface. It is used in the operation of various jewelers from small bench machines to large bench machines. Usually, tapping machines are made with the characteristics of working methods. One of the most used is tapping machines is pneumatic tapping machine. Among them, two flutes, three flutes or four flute machines are most commonly used. It depends on the surface material to be tapped and which machine to use. They usually range in size from six to sixty inches. It is usually designed to meet industry specifications. The potential production cost is minimal. Pneumatic tapping has replaced hand tapping to drive profits. Semi-automatic or automated automation is applied to improve productivity.Tapping is achieved by tapping by hand or with a set of taps.  To eliminate human error, hand tapping has been stopped and machine tapping has been adopted because it is more accurate. Although tapping is a more accurate machine, traditionally tapping operations have been more difficult.

    2.In which applications Pneumatic Tapping Machine is used?

    This is a compressed air-powered machine. Different types of machines are used for wood and plastic. Normally standard machines cannot be used for them. These are used in applications including engineering and heavy industries.

    • Furniture

    These are commonly used in furniture. These add beauty and texture to the furniture.

    • Automobile

    It is also used in the body tapping of automobiles. Pneumatic tapping is used to make a thread in automobiles. This machine is also used in automobiles to connect one part to another.

    • Golf club

    Golf clubs also use a pneumatic tapping machine.

    • Handles

    This machine is also used to make threads in the holes in the handles. This machine makes threads in the holes to attach the handle to the door.

    • Aerospace industry

    It is widely used in the aerospace industry. The term aerospace is commonly used to refer to the atmosphere and outer space. With a large number of military applications and industry, aerospace heat is very diverse because in these industries, tapping is done to make planes and objects.

    It is mostly used in the aerospace and automobile industries.  These are run according to health management and occupational safety guidelines.

    3.Describe different advantages of the Pneumatic Tapping Machine?

    There are a few advantages of a pneumatic tapping machine.

    advantages of the Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    • Adjust the constant tap

    Pneumatic tapping machine adjusts torque constant tap with overload protection. To avoid the limitations of pend tapping and saving the teeth of the pneumatic tapping machine essential time-saving faucet breaking and rotten teeth is not easy.

    • Speed(rpm)

    The speed of the pneumatic tapping machine is higher. Tapping centers set up with high-speed hard taps can drill holes in the treadmill in a fraction of the time it takes. They can make deep holes by tapping into materials such as tables.

    • Low maintains

    This pneumatic tapping machine has less maintenance than other machines and has less maintenance option to provide lasting results.

    • Easy to install and no added job skills

    This machine is easy to use and does not require any additional skills. Anyone can easily learn and work on it.

    • Highly versatile

    This machine is easy to use and does not require any additional skills. Anyone can easily learn and work on it.

    • Top grade component

    Top grade component

    Design and components of pneumatic tapping machine (photo credit:

    Parts of this machine are made of advanced components such as gear shafts and pedals. Due to its components, the machine works smoothly.

    • Multiple spindle speed

    The spindle has more than one provided good management.

    • Professionals and accessories are not required for accuracy
    • Footswitch facility

    There is also a foot switch in case of any emergency which can prevent a major accident.

    • High productivity

    The pneumatic machine works faster than other machines and produces more, which saves the company.

    • Time-saving

    This machine taps very fast and saves time and the day's work is done in hours.

    • Reduce labor cost

    The advent of this machine has reduced the labor cost, which in turn has reduced the cost of wages for industries, which has led to profits.

    • More reliable

    Pneumatic tapping machine is an efficient and long-lasting machine with very little error and it works very well. Airflow is possible in both directions, so it is possible to loosen and tighten it.

    • Less weight

    It is easy to handle because it weighs less.

    4.What are the different components of a Pneumatic Tapping Machine?

        High quality pneumatic taping machine

    High quality pneumatic taping machine

    This machine consists of different components that make it work together. consist of pneumatic arm, base, air tube, fixed seat.

    • Different types of comfort are used in pneumatic tapping machine. They depend on the material and the new mating tapping machine. It is usually flexible and is adjusted according to the machine. The arm is usually adjusted according to the thread-like thickness.
    • The base usually provides the base for any pneumatic tapping machine. It is made of strong metal like silver and iron. And it is well connected before use. It is adjusted with the help of nut. It is an important part of the machine.
    • The air tube, as the name implies, passes air and pressure through it. It is usually connected to the motor of a new meeting tapping machine and use for pressure is measured.
    • The fixed seat is usually attached to its base and is also called the lower part of the machine and the movement of the machine depends on the top. It rotates the machine around its axis but the machine itself is perfect at one point.

    5.How does the Pneumatic Tapping Machine Works?

    Follow these few instructions before operating a pneumatic tapping machine.

    There is usually a tape guide with the taps, which is important for making usable taps. The faucet automatically centers directly when tapping on a machine such as a mill or a lathe. Be careful with the alignment of the tap when you are doing it manually because the human is not exactly as accurate as of the tape card. The human eye does not look like a 90-degree tape guide.

    Using oil

    Tapping is the first step in applying oil because it has the benefits of oiling and makes tapping easier. And the other bits are prevented from making a screaming sound. Whenever chips are made through it, it helps to clean it. In addition, there is friction between the team surface during the taping and during the taping surface of the machine. This reduces the friction and prevents the surface from overheating.

    Central drill

    The second thing that is done after using the oil is to do the central drill because without the central drill the tapped holes cannot be made perfectly. After all, the central drill puts large bits in the middle because most drills are not centered when drilled in the chuck. This shows that the larger bits will drill in the right place and move to the center instead of the whole section.


    This is followed by packing during tapping to ensure that the bits do not overheat. Packing is the process of cooling the part and removing the chips. The usual way to do this is to first rotate the pendulum used on the whole. And then turn it back halfway and remove as many chips as possible when the faucet is pulled out and then oil the surface.


    Then be careful not to use force downwards as there is a risk of damage. Use only the trapping method and rotating force.


    As you know, this project consists of different parts. These include supporting arm pneumatic rotor spring tapping tool and flow control valve.


    All arrangements for this equipment are in the base. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Normally the default in the sliding arrangement is that according to the movement of the pendulum the axis attached to the pendulum will come down when the pendulum is pressed down. This leads to a downward sliding configuration with a pneumatic router attached to the bottom. The tapping operation can also be done through it. It will be forwarded and reversed through the provided thinking. The Sliding arrangement is moved upwards except for the handle.

    6.Could you explain the difference between Pneumatic Tapping Machine &Electric Tapping Machine?

    • Pneumatic tapping machine

    Pneumatic tapping motor is used in pneumatic tapping machine uses compressed air as a pneumatic tapping machine. Power is usually obtained from compressed air. This compressor passes air under air pressure. The use of axial rotating force on the rotor is high pressure. The tap inside the tool’s speed causes the tool to rotate. In short, the pneumatic tapping motor uses high-pressure air to drive the air.

    Electric tapping machine

    Electric tapping machine

     A new type of tapping machine has been named as Electric Tapping Machine. Electric machines also generally work like pneumatic tapping machines. Electrical tapping machine is used to produce threads in holes like pneumatic machine. The only difference between the two is that the electric machine runs on electricity. And the pneumatic tapping machine operates through compressed air. This machine is powered by a servo motor. Servo motor supplies power with 200 AC voltages.

    7.Which type of motor is installed in the Pneumatic Tapping Machine?

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when installing a motor.

    Pneumatic tapping machine air motor

           Pneumatic tapping machine air motor

    Good rpm

    Rpm (It is used as a measure. It means revolutions per minute. It shows the speed of the motor, how fast the machine is working)

    When installing a pneumatic machine motor, install a motor with a higher RPM as it will produce more in less time.


    Install a motor that is advertised in the market, has more warranty and has less chance of breakdown, and lasts longer and is more reliable.

    Less energy consumption

    Install a motor that is less energy-consuming and more profitable than other motors.

    Less weight

    Install a lightweight machine motor that can be easily adjusted to your machine.  And by installing it in the machine, the weight of your machine should not exceed the limit.

    Top grade component

    Before installing a motor, check its component to see if it is made of a standard component. This means checking the parts of the machine to see if they belong to a good company or not.

    High productivity

    High productivity means that giving more output in a fixed amount of input benefits the company. Install motors that produce more in less time to benefit the company.

    8.Is there any heating effect that can cause damage to your product while working with Pneumatic tapping machine?

    Powerful Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    Powerful Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    As you know, the tapping process involves rotation of the tap at a high speed.

    The more rpm (revolutions per minute) the more efficient work will be.

    So, this high-speed motion of tap with a certain material produces friction and where there is friction there is heat.

    Although, we use oil for reducing the friction and there is no such heating involved in the process that can cause damage to our product while using the pneumatic tapping machine.

    9.Why Pneumatic Tapping Machine is very flexible during tapping?

    The Pneumatic Tapping machine is very flexible during tapping, The main role in its flexibility is played by its adjustable arms that you can adjust according to your needs.

    These arms can be easily moved in multiple directions as they are very light weighted. Tapping becomes very easy due to these arms.

    Pneumatic tapping machines provide the facility of changing taps for making different types of threats.

    The taps come in various sizes. The installation of these taps is very easy and quick. Arms also contain counter bounce weights that can be loosen or tighten according to or specific needs this helps in raising the arm.

    Furthermore, it is flexible with its use against different materials like wood and metal etc.

    Air Motor Credit

    Air Motor Credit

    10.How to solve different problems during the Pneumatic Tapping?

    Air Supply:

    It’s precautioned to shut off the air supply quickly or immediately after the malfunction is done then you can inspect or repair.

    Air Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    Air Pneumatic Tapping Machine


    Keep the pneumatic tapping machine capability and capacity in mind while using it. Do not overload the machine especially above its range.

    Overloading Protection Chunk

    Overloading Protection Chunk

    Pre using:

    Pay attention to the quick wear parts before using the machine to avoid any type of trouble if any part is damaged make sure to repair or change it.


    Always lock all the handles before using the machine.

    Air supply:

    Sufficient Air supply matters while using the machine. Supply at least 6 bar compressed air and the machine to make sure that the diameter of the air transmission pipe is enough.

    The air pressure meter shows the pressure while the machine is working you shall adjust it to 6 bars or around.

    Oil supply:

    Always adjust the lubricating oil mass of supply. Keep in mind that too much oil supply is waste full and too little will cause damage to the machine so neither to use too much oil nor too little

    General problems:

    Not to touch the rotating parts when the machine is working.

    Do not have the child approach to the machine.

    Keep irrelevant person away from the machine.

    Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that can caught in the rotating parts while working

    Keep the machine vertical-up.

    Maintain the machine regularly and constantly keep the tap sharp while tapping and adding oil when tapping.

    No irrelevant materials around the machine keep the working area clean, do not have the machine in an explosive, dank, weak light, and messy place.

    advantages of the Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    11.Is it possible to tap a blind hole or through hole easily with the help of Pneumatic Tapping Machine?

    Yes, it is possible to tap a blind hole using a pneumatic tapping machine. Things to keep in mind while tapping a blind hole is forward lever and reverse pushing lever at the same time.

    While tapping a blind hole tap should not be too slow or too fast, slow taps will not clear the chips and the fast will break.

    Use appropriate taps and do not forget to use a neat cutting fluid to reduce the friction.

    Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    12.What is the importance of Pneumatic arm in tapping process?

    Automatic Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    Automatic Pneumatic Tapping Machine

    Pneumatic arm plays an important role in tapping. It’s a major part of the pneumatic tapping machine. The main purpose of the pneumatic arm is that it sets the boundary for tapping.

    The minimum distance and the maximum distance are all due to the pneumatic arm. Pneumatic arm can move in multiple directions that makes the machine very flexible.

    We can say that a pneumatic arm adds flexibility in the pneumatic machine. While tapping a hole pneumatic arm is used to place the tap on the desired location.

    The arms are very light weighted, easy to lift and move in any direction accordingly.

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