CS 315 Circular Saw



1. Comes with a 315mm saw blade

2. Cast iron gear box, direct gear drive

3. Saw head swivel on both side up to 45°, quick lock handle to fix the head.

4. Double cutting speed (single phase do not have)

5. Automatic blade guard cover the blade when returned to the home position


ModelCS 315
Max.  blade size315mm (12.4″)
Cut circular @90°100mm (4″)
Cut rectangular @90°140×90 mm (5.5″x3.5″)
Cut circular @45°90mm (3.5″)
Cut rectangular @45°100x90mm (4″x3″)
Blade speed (50HZ)18,36  rpm
Vice Opening145mm (5.7″)
Motor power750W 1HP/1.3 kW 1.7 HP (3PH)  1.1kW  1.5HP (1PH)
Packing szie98x62x93cm (body)

78x60x50cm (stand)



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