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Armpro Sheet Metal Shear Machine

The whole machine body of Armpro sheet metal shear machine uses the integrally weld structure, ensuring the high strength and good rigidity of the machine. The shearing machine adopts guillotine upper transmission, and fitted with the brake device. The blade of the machine uses 6Cr2Si material, ensuring the good performance and long performance life.The structure of the sheet metal shear machine is simple, easy operation and low consumption.

Armpro Sheet Metal Shear Machine

1320F Electric Sheet Metal Shear Machine For Metal Cutting

Armpro 1320F Electric Sheet metal shear machine is used for the shear sheet metal in line, metal materials should be tensile strength of less than 450 N/mm2.The sheet metal shear machine can make only intermittent shear in full load, if tensile strength is higher , shear thickness should be reduced. It is applicable to uncoiling, leveling, shearing,workshop of production line for plate processing.The machine base is steel- welding , the structure is compact, good rigidity.

Long service life

Good shear section

Precision casting copper

HS-5 Hand Sheet Metal Shear Machine

Armpro Hand Sheet metal shear machine is designed to cut 1/4" sheet steel, 2-3/4" x 1/4" flat steel and 7/16" rod steel. The metal shear cutter is equipped with a long lever arm with compensating spring for maximum leverage, saves effort efficiently.With solid steel frame metal shear ensures safety. Blades made of high carbon steel for long-term usage.Compact metal frame provides stability. Adjustable clamp inside this metal shear ensures easy adjustment and operation

Flexible Usage

Stable Operation

Adjustable clamp inside this metal shear

GS-1000 Guillotine Shear Metal Shear Machine

Armpro GS-1000 Guillotine shear metal shear machine is made for professional use, table with arch shred model. Ideal machine when you make cuts in various sizes. Rapid and accurate settings. Clear scale. Cutting width 1000 mm. A large table: 1250 x 555 mm Maximum cutting thickness: 1.5 mm. Sturdy construction. High-quality fences that make the cutting precise and fast.


Sturdy construction

Precise and fast

FS1000 Hand Shear Metal Shear Machine

Armpro FS1000 hand shear metal shear machine is of simple construction, sensitive and reliable control with a slideway adjustable and reliable control with trap-pull spring inside point fixed method. Some machine tools have a press sheet unit to make it cut better. It is light and easy to move, widely used in manual sheet feeding,and easy maintenance, its widely used in motor, electrical, automobile industries and all shops of other industries where sheet metal cutting is required.

Simple construction

Easy to move

Easy maintenance

Why Armpro is Trusted

Wide Selection

Armpro offers a wide selection of products catering to different applications.

24/7 Online Customer Support

Armpro Sales and Tech team are available for the pre-sale consultation, after-sales service, on 24/7.

Ergonomic Designed Machinery

All machinery are crafted with weight and balance that match their output for a more comfortable utilization.

High Quality Control System

Before delivery, all the machines needed to be checked and inspected fully for 48 hours.

Exceptional Engineering

With outstanding engineers and advanced technology, Armpro creates more high-quality &effective machines.

Warranty Coverage

Armpro offers 2 years warranty for all metalworking machines that customers can be guaranteed a complete after-sale serviced.

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The Buyer's Guide

Sheet Metal Shear Machine:The Complete FAQ Guide in 2021

Shearing is an excellent way to cut into metal without relying on lasers, burning, or melting. This makes the use of sheet metal shearing machines a very convenient metalworking tool, specifically for cutting sheet metal and plates.

If you’re starting a metalworking project and need to know which type of shearing machine you should rent or buy, here’s a handy guide that can help you make your decision.

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    1.   What is Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    Sheet Metal Shear Machine

    Working in the heavy industry requires a lot of heavy and dainty tools. While machines like tapping or drilling are very important, another tool that Is important when working in the heavy industry is the metal shearing machines.

    Metal shearing Is fabricating the metal or alloy sheets into thin strips or pieces according to your choice. Metal shearing Is done with the help of metal hearing machines that with the help of their high-quality features complete this work in no time.

    Comparing these machines to the others used in the heavy industry the unique thing about the shearing machines is that they do not require heat while working. You do not need to heat metal before shearing. Instead, you can even cut the metal when it's cool.

    Several different types of shearing machines are available. And every machine has a different principle of working. While some may use a single blade to work, the most standard shearing machine uses two sets of blades. One Is fixed in the hearing bed while the other one moves from right to left to cut the metal into the desired sheets.

    2.What are the different types of Sheet Metal Shear machines?

    different types of Sheet Metal Shear machines

    Sheet Metal Shear Machine

    As we mentioned above, hearing machines come in several variations. Every variant has different ways of working and uses different types of power supplies to function. Every shearing machine is for a specific job. Following are the different types of shearing machines.

    Hydraulic Shearing machines: As the name suggests these types of machines use liquid as a power supply to function. Several hydraulic cylinders are present in the machine that give them high power to cut through different metals and alloys.

    Servo shearing machines: These types of machines use servo motors. These machines are directly connected to the servo motors that provide them the input and power to cut through the metals.

    Hydromechanical shearing machines: These machines work at the same principle as hydraulic machines.

    Manual shearing machines: These machines do not have any hydraulic cylinders or motors connected to them. You have to drive these manually with the help of the screw and levers etc.

    Pneumatic shearing machines: Pneumatic shears or also called air shears power up with the help of the air. These have various pneumatic cylinders in them that provide the energy to work.

    3.What is the advantage of the Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    Following are the advantages of the shearing machines:

    • The high-quality features of the machines make it fast and less time-consuming and you get your cuts in no time.
    • Provides the smooth cuts without any rough edges
    • These tools can be used to not only cut metals but also other alloys
    • Can help you cut different sizes and diameters
    • No heating is needed when cutting. Cuts can be performed when the metal is cool
    • No chip or debris formation is enough. So, less waste production
    • Blades present at a specific angle that provides more force and efficient cuts
    • Longer lasting and less maintenance cost

    4.What are the features of the Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    features of the Sheet Metal Shear Machine

    Sheet Metal Shear Machine

    The versatile and high-quality features of the shearing machines make them capable of providing smooth and efficient cuts to the metals. Following are the features of the shearing machines:

    Capacity Force:  Force that is required to cut metal into strips

    Sheet Thickness: Thickness of the sheet that can be sheared

    Working length: Larges working dimension from right to left

    Throat depth: the distance from the centerline to the back frame


    Foot Switch: Footswitch is used to control the operation manually.

    CNC control interface: This control interface is used to control all the operations and to put in the instruction in the machine.

    Window control shears: These are controlled with the help of a PC

    Fixed Blade: The fixed blade is fixed in the shearing bed

    Moving Blade: Moving blade moves from left to right to cut the metal

    Gauge system: A gauge system produces specific finishes according to size and the material used

    5.What is the industrial application of different Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    Sheet metal shear machines are not only just used for just creating some straight cuts in the metals. But they also have numerous applications in the industry that is a follows:

    • Pressing the metals
    • Cutting the metals
    • Bending the metals
    • Punching the metal
    • Drawing the metal sheets

    6.What type of materials can be applied in Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    How metal is going to be sheared also depends upon the type of metals used. The thickness, consistency, and the type used are greatly going to affect the shearing process. Different types of metal can be sheared and due to differences in the consistencies, the shearing process can turn out to be different for various types of metals and alloys. Following are the metals that are used for shearing:

    • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Metal Shear Machine

    Stainless Steel Metal Shear Machine

    We all are well aware of the fact that steel is a common metal used in the heavy industry. Different types of steel are used for various tasks. Like carbon steel,  Alloy Steel, stainless steel, and tool steel. But one thing to keep in mind is that not all types are used for shearing. The only metal that's used for shearing is stainless steel. But the thing is that it is not a much go-to metal because of the tendency of being hardening.

    • Aluminum

    Aluminum is another metal that is quite often used in preparing metal sheets. Aluminum is a good choice when it comes to metal sheets. This is because of the good recycling capabilities due to which there is enough energy saving. As recycled aluminum only uses 10 percent of energy to convert it into new aluminum. Moreover, the corrosion-resistant, toughness, and strength of aluminum also make it a good choice for sheet metal shear machines.

    • Brass

    Brass or also called red metal is another very important metal that could be used in sheet metal hear machines. Bras are made when some specific amount of zinc is added to the copper. Depending upon the amount of zinc different types of brass are created.

    • Bronze

    Last but not least another important material is Bronze. Just like the bras, this is also a red metal. But unlike brass, it is an alloy of copper. This is made by adding the tin n to the copper. Due to its hardness and robust structure, it is used in the heavy industry, especially for sheep shearing.

    7.What  Key Factors Affect the Functioning of Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    Sheet metal shear machines are available in different variations. Every machine works on different principles. But there are some aspects in which every shearing machine matches each other. The same goes for the factors that can affect the working of the sheet metal shear machines.

    Following are some factors that can affect the working f the shearing machine:

    • Punch Force
    • Punch Speed
    • Sheet edge condition
    • Punch die clearance
    • Lubrication of the machine
    • Die and punch material used

    8.How to Avoid Sheet Metal Shear Machine Defects in your work?

    Avoid Sheet Metal Shear Machine Defects

    Metal Shear Machine

    No matter how high quality a tool is it is bound to get damaged. After all, tools also have limits of their own. The same goes for the sheet metal shear machines. But these defects can also be corrected by correcting the mistakes that you might have done during the usage or installation of the product. Here are the following defects that can occur during the sheet metal hearing process:

    ●       Burred Edge

    The most common defect that you are going to face in a sheet metal shear machine is the burred edges. These burred edges mostly occur due to the improper gagging of the blades or the blade is just dull.

    Another reason for the burred edges is the gap between the blades. Too excessive a gap or too narrow a gap can affect the shearing process. If the gap is too much then the edges are going to be torn off or rolled over. But if the gap is too narrow then you are not going to get smooth shear without the machine stops due to overload. So it is always better to check for the material and the gap between the blade before the shearing process.

    ●       Twist

    Another very common problem that you may encounter during the hearing process is metal twisting. This twisting mostly happens when very thin pieces of the metal are being sheared. The reason for this twisting is when the rake angle is not right. If your machine rack angle is way too much then there are high chances that you are going to face the twist problem. So make sure that before shearing you have set the machine to the right rake angle that is according to the metal being sheared.

    ●       Bow

    Bowing is another common mistake that you are going to face during shearing. During the metal shearing the metal sheet bows down. This can mostly happen using any defect in the metal parts of the sheet metal shear machine. Moreover, this mostly happens working with very thin strips or sheets of metal.

    This can also be caused by inherent stresses over the metal or the spacing problem of the metal blades. So before shearing, be sure to correct these mistakes.

    ●       Camber

    Part of Metal Shear Machine

    Part of Metal Shear Machine

    Cambering is the moving of the material that is being sheared away from the blades. This happens but without twisting. This problem mostly happens due to the stresses in the materials themselves. But one way to correct these is by adjusting the rake angle, ram speed, or the grain direction of the metal and machine if possible.

    ●       Deformed Edge

    The type of problem you are mostly going to face is when your shearing blades aren't sharp enough, the gap between the blades is no right or improper hold down pressure. These all factors can create deformed edges. And if you are facing a problem like that then you need to correct the above-mentioned factors.

    That is why it is emphasized to check the blade gaps and the other factors before starting the shearing process. And most important check for what type of material you are using and is even compatible with the sheet metal shearing machine.

    9.How does Sheet Metal Shear Machine work?

    Control Panel in Shear Machine

    Control Panel in Shear Machine

    The metal fabrication process is really important as you have to take care of different factors to get smooth and efficient cuttings. Before going for shearing of the metal do check for the following factor that we mentioned above so that you do not face the problems that we have mentioned above. Now let's see how the shearing process works:

    • The metal sheet is sheared between the 2 blades. One blade is fixed in the shearing bed. Whereas the other blade is the moving blade that cuts the metal.
    • The above blade that is fixed is placed in such a way that it is angled. This is called the rake angle. And it is this angle that is very crucial when it comes to smooth shearing.
    • Now the material that Is going to be sheared is held down flat on the table
    • Whereas the top blade that is going to be moved is slowly lowered own over the metal sheet
    • Now as the blade touches the metal the blade immediately applies the right amount of pressure so that it can push through the metal
    • The blade pushes through the metal and meets with the second blade. There is always a gap left between both blades for the metal to fracture
    • The cut is slowly made from one side to the other and is cut slowly not abruptly to get the smooth cutting edges

    10.What is the Safety operation of  Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    Automatic Metal Shear Machine

    Automatic Metal Shear Machine

    Just like using another appliance, your safety is important. The same goes for the sheet metal shearing machine. When you are using a tool and especially that of something from the heavy industry tools you need to be careful about everything. As even the slightest mistake can cost you a lot of damage not only to the machine but also to yourself.

    Following are the safety tips that you need to follow before going for any shearing process:

    • Regular Inspection of the tool

    You definitely cannot emphasize enough on this point. Regular inspection of not only the sheet metal shear machines but any other tools of the heavy industry is really important. The tools should be checked daily for any malfunctioning or wear and tear. So that these can be corrected before doing any shearing work hence preventing any chances of injuries.

    • Appropriate training of the workers

    Another very important factor it takes care of is the proper training on how to use the equipment. Most of the accidents that happen in heavy industries are due to the lack of education in the workers. And then here you are working with the blades, of course, you need to be very careful when using them. Appropriate and essential sessions should be conducted for the workers to provide them with the basic insight of the tool condition, how to use them and the parts they should be careful of.

    • Conduct routine maintenance and repairs

    If you want your machine to work perfectly and last longer then conducting weekly or monthly maintenance and repair checkups is important. The blade or any other part of the machine may get any damage during the process that may not be noticeable at that time. And if not corrected at the right times may wear the machines before time. So conducting the weekly or monthly maintenance and repairs session saves you from bigger damages.

    • PPE tool kits:

    When working with the shearing machines there is a high chance that the machine is going to produce sharp shears. And if they come in contact with you can cause a good amount of damage. Because of that, the worker needs to wear the safety PPE kits. Or any other safety measures that can save him from any big damage are essential. It is the biggest responsibility of employers to provide workers with high-quality PPE kits.

    11.What key factors you should consider before purchasing a Sheet Metal Shear Machine?

    Following are the thing that you need to consider before going to buy the sheet metal shear machines:

    • What Type of Metal is going to be Sheared?

    Types of Metal

    Types of Metal

    Now, this is something that you need to take care of before performing any shearing process. The type of the metal, thickness, consistency, structure all matter during the shearing process. As different sheets respond differently during the hearing process. And you may need different kinds of shears when going for different metals.

    As when your shearing material is very thin you can easily get away with the simple electricity or are operated by shearing machines. But if the material is heavy-duty metal or tread plates, expanded plates, etc. then you might need a very good quality and heavy-duty sheet metal shear machine.

    • What quantity of Sheared Parts are needed?

    The type and the quantity of the shearing parts needed are as important as identifying different properties of the metal. If you are going for something very simple and inexpensive then you don't need that many parts.

    But if you are going to use it for a heavy-duty task and need something more sophisticated and robust then you should consider going for something extra. Parts like the high-speed hydraulic, conveyor, or stacker are options to add to your sheet metal shear machine.

    • Guillotine or Swing Beam, what design to go for?

    Now when you are sure about what you want it is time to identify the design of the shears you want. The shearing machines come into design no matter what type of shearing machinery you are using.

    Guillotine vs swing beam.

    There is quite a difference in both of the designs.

    In the guillotine shears, the upper blade is directly driven downwards with the help of the driven motors. Whereas when talking about the swing beam design the upper blade is pivoted with the help of leverage over the metal being sheared.

    Moreover, the guillotine system provides an expensive but high-quality shearing system whereas the beam system is a bit inexpensive.

    • Rake Angle Should be Adjustable or Fixed

    Last but not least another very important thing when shearing is the rake angle. You need to identify whether it should be adjustable or fixed. Rake angle is something that is going to identify how your blade is going to work and how moot heat you are going to get.

    12.Mechanical Sheet Metal Shear Machine vs. Hydraulics Sheet Metal Shear Machine - Which is Better?

    Mechanical shearing machine: Mechanical hearing machines when compared to hydraulic are quite easy to use and maintain. There are very simple machines that are very fast and provide the product in no time. The heavy casting of the machine makes it shock-absorbing whereas the absence of the hydraulic makes it a lot quieter. The metal is not heated so the machine works at a very cool temperature. Moreover, as there is no fuel needed it's an environment-friendly machine.

    Hydraulic shearing machine:

    Hydraulic Shear Machine

    Hydraulic Shear Machine

    The machine works with the hydraulic system and has variable stroke lengths. When compared to the mechanical machine this one is capable of making small strokes whereas the mechanical one is not able to. Moreover, the machine when stopped can be reversed back whereas the mechanical cannot be reversed. The hydraulics also has an overload protection system that prevents any damage from occurring. Also, hydraulic machines are quite cheap to build.

    13.How to maintain the Sheet Metal Shear Machine blade?

    Shearing blades are the most important when it comes to the sheet metal shear machine. These are components with the help of which the machine is going to work. Keeping the blades maintained is one thing that you need to pay attention to. Following are the tips that can help you keep the blades sharp:

    • Keeping the blades sharp. You can sharpen the blades after every use or during the weekly checkups as with continuous use the blade gets dull
    • Blade replacement is also important. And for that, you need to perform routine checkups of the machine. So that you can replace the blades when needed
    • Sharpening the blades is another way to keep your shearing machine going. You can sharpen them with the help of grinding so that there is no compromise on cutting

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