Top 10 Automatic Chamfering Machine Manufacturers

Chamfering is the process of cutting or grinding a bevelled edge along the length of a specific material in order to remove the sharp edges and corners, enhance the aesthetics, improve functionality, and facilitate assembly.

Automatic chamfering machines are specifically manufactured industrial tools designed in order to automate the process of creating chamfered edges on various types of materials, such as metals, plastic, and wood. Automatic chamfering machines streamline this process, by offering efficiency, consistency, and precision in producing chamfered edges.

How to make an informed decision when purchasing automatic chamfering machines?

Making an informed decision when purchasing automatic chamfering machines requires careful consideration of particular factors that are unique to this type of industrial machinery. The below section provides some points to consider when choosing automatic chamfering machines.

  1. Identification of Material and Application:The type of material that will be chamfered in your company should be determined. This will help to narrow down the search for relevant types of machinery.It is also important to understand the specific requirements of the materials that are to be chamfered, such as chamfer angle, depth, and volume of production.
  2. Automation features of the machine:Make a thorough evaluation of the automation feature of the machine before purchasing. The features to be tested include automatic feeding, positioning, and chamfering. Additional features like robotic handling, PLC controls, and integration with other automated systems can also be considered.
  3. Quality and Precision of the Machine:Pay good attention to details of the machines related to their quality. Look for features like the machine’s build quality, precision mechanisms, and the accuracy of the alignment.
  4. Cost and Pricing:Look beyond the initial cost of purchasing the machine. Consider facts like the consumption of energy, cost of maintenance, and potential downtime for production. Also calculate the potential ROI (return on investment) that is based on the increase in productivity, reduced amount of labour, and the improvement in product quality.
  5. Seek References and recommendations:Look for references from other companies or peers in the industry who have already purchased similar automatic chamfering machines. Also, you can attend industry events, exhibitions and conventions in order to see the machines in action and gather information. This will aid in confirming that the machine is actually suitable for your usage.


By carefully evaluating these factors and conducting thorough research, an informed decision about purchasing the automatic chamfering machine can be made. They are important in order to specifically select the machine that aligns with your specific requirements, quality standards and operational goals. This article provides imperative insights into the top ten automatic chamfering machine manufacturers in the current market.

Features and functions to be considered when purchasing automatic chamfering machines

When purchasing automatic chamfering machines, it is crucial to consider a detailed and comprehensive list of features and functions to ensure that the chosen machine is aligned with the production needs and the high-quality standards of the company. Below given is a descriptive list of some key features to e considered when purchasing automatic chamfering machines.

  1. Level of automation:Evaluate the degree and extent offered by the machine, including the automation in processes like feeding, positioning, chamfering, and unloading.
  2. Chamfering mechanism:Understand the type of chamfering mechanism used in the machinery and the level of suitability of the machine for the material you will be using and the application.
  3. Customization of the machine:Make sure the machine offers customization options for features like adjusting chamfering parameters and accommodating specific materials and applications.
  4. User Interface and user controls:determine the level of user-friendliness of the machine’s interface and controls. Also, check whether the machine provides intuitive programming and setup options.
  5. Safety features: Verify the safety features present in the machine and evaluate the suitability of these features towards the requirements of the company and the applications. Features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors are a must in order to prevent accidents.
  6. Energy efficiency:Pay attention to the energy consumption of the machine and efficiency to reduce the operational costs and impact of the machine’s activity on the environment.
1CMA SrlItaly
3GECAM SrlItaly
5ELITE SASwitzerland
8LNS GroupSwitzerland
9FAMA SrlItaly

Headquarters – Italy

Profile: CMA SRL, a well-known Italian manufacturer, is popular for its expertise in designing, developing and producing metalworking machinery. Maintaining a great commitment to innovation and precision, the company serves industries which demand high-quality solutions.

Reasons for Recommendation: The dedication of CMA towards innovation and precision aligns with the needs of modern manufacturing. The automatic Chamfering Machines, complemented with a range of other metalworking solutions, award them a position as a recommended choice for industries that seek accuracy and efficiency.

Key products:

  • Automatic Chamfering Machines
  • Pipe Bending Machines
  • End-forming Machines

Headquarters - China

Profile: For the last 20 years, Armpro has been involved in the development and production of metalworking machinery and tools. Armpro is the only manufacturer of metalwork which produces all kinds of metalworking machinery. Every product manufactured by Armpro contains the highest quality, precision, longevity and valued stability which fulfils the requirements of the client. This also helps in the constant development and improvement of their products.

Reasons for Recommendation: Armpro has perfected the art of Automatic chamfering machine consistent performance and their level of commitment has provided the customers with their best-in-class. This has helped Armpro to attain a valued reputation all over the world. Armpro is the perfect partner that will provide you with solutions for drilling, tapping, and chamfering requirements. Armpro will also provide the most suitable solution that results in high productivity at affordable prices.


Key Products:

  • Electric Tapping Machine
  • Thread rolling machine
  • Automatic tapping machine
  • Automatic bar-cutting machine
  • Automatic chamfering machine
  • Automatic pipe bending machine

Headquarters – Italy

Profile: GECAM Srl, an industrial machinery manufacturer based in Italy, specializes in the process of designing and producing machinery for applications in metal processing. The company serves a wide range of industries while also directing a high focus on quality assurance of its products and technological innovation.

Reasons for Recommendation: The dedication of GECAM Srl to technological innovation and their range of metal processing machinery makes them a suitable option to be purchased from. Their automatic Chamfering Machines, along with deburring and grinding solutions, offer a well-detailed package for industries that seek precise finishing.

Key products:

  • Automatic Chamfering Machines
  • Deburring machines
  • Grinding machines


Headquarters – Turkey

Profile: ABM MAKINE A.S., headquartered in Turkey, is a currently leading manufacturer of metal processing machinery. The company has gained recognition for its innovative solutions by maintaining a strong emphasis on the research and development of its products.

Reasons for Recommendation: The key features that make them an eligible recommendation for industries that are seeking comprehensive manufacturing needs are their innovation and maintaining constant research and development of their products and services. Their automatic Chamfering Machines, complemented by other metal processing solutions enhance this position making them a suitable choice in the market.

Key Products:

  • Automatic Chamfering Machines
  • Tube bending machines
  • Tube cutting machines

Headquarters - Switzerland

Profile: ELITE SA, located in Switzerland, is a well-respected manufacturer of metal processing machinery. With a commitment towards maintaining precision and high-quality engineering, the company provides solutions to industries that require accurate and efficient solutions.

Reasons for Recommendation: The remarkable features like their attention towards precision in their products, and high-quality engineering make ELITE SA a very suitable and noteworthy option. Their automatic Chamfering Machines, coupled with a range of other metal processing solutions, offer reliable and precise manufacturing capabilities.


Key products:

  • Automatic Chamfering Machines
  • Tube bending machines
  • End-forming Machines

Headquaters – Spain

Profile: TMAutomation, of Spanish origin, specializes in automation solutions that are directed towards various industries. Mainly focusing on efficiency and product optimization, TMAutomation provides tailored automation systems and solutions based on the client's requirements.


Reasons for Recommendation: The attention of TAMAutomation towards automation and process optimization is a key strength of their production. Their products such as automatic chamfering machines, combined with custom automation capabilities, make them a suitable recommendation to companies and industries who seek streamlined and efficient manufacturing processes.


Key products:

  • Automatic Chamfering Machines
  • Custom Automation Solutions

Headquarters - Japan

Profile: Based in Japan, SOCO has always been representing excellence in tube processing since the establishment of the company. Beginning with Tube Cutting, SOCO moved on to excel in Tube Bending and then finally adding up to Tube Laser Cutting. In addition to this, SOCO is globally recognised as a complete service and solution provider for all issues related to the tube and pipe processing industry. They also continuously strive towards providing innovative tube and sheet metal processing technology, which sometimes succeeds in exceeding the expectations of the customer.


Reasons for Recommendation: SOCO has built up a strong reputation all over the world by offering advanced technology and unsurpassed performance in the machines they manufacture. Through their constant attention paid to the employees, partners as well as customers, along with the continuous goal to improve and offer the highest performance standards, quality and service provided.


Key Products:

  • Laser-cutting machinery
  • Tube Benders
  • Tube Cutting Machinery
  • Non-ferrous cutting
  • Tube end finishing machinery
  • Automatic Chamfering Machine

Headquarters - Italy

Profile: Based in Switzerland, LNS Group is an expert in providing solutions for various industries and manufacturers of machinery located globally. Focusing on enhancing productivity and efficiency, LNS Group offers diverse solutions for the manufacturing requirements of industries around the world.


Reasons for Recommendation: LMS Group's focus on enhancing productivity as well as their diverse range of products make them a suitable and valuable option. Their automatic Chamfering Machines, along with the bar Feeders and coolant Management Systems, offer a comprehensive approach to optimizing the manufacturing process.


Key products:

  • Automatic Chamfering Machines
  • Bar Feeders
  • Coolant Management Systems

Headquarters – TAIWAN,CHINA

Profile: FAMA Srl is an Italian-based company which is very well popular for its expertise in manufacturing machinery for various industrial applications. Greatly focusing on factors like innovation and precision, FAMA has gained recognition for delivering cutting-edge solutions for various industrial requirements.

Reasons for Recommendation: The commitment of FAMA Srl towards innovation and precision positions them as a recommended choice. Their products like automatic chamfering machines, along with their diverse range of products and machinery, showcase their ability to address unique manufacturing needs in an efficient and effective manner.

Key Products:

  • Automatic chamfering machines
  • Tube end-finishing machines
  • Bar peeling machines

Headquarters - India

Profile: Based in Germany, Reika is a renowned company and is a key player in the field of tube and bar processing machinery. While embracing new and innovative technologies, the company Reika is dedicated to providing precise solutions for various industrial applications.

Reasons for Recommendation: Reika’s emphasis on innovation and precision aligns with the requirements of companies that are on the lookout for precise solutions for numerous industrial requirements. Their products complimented by the end-finishing solutions, make them a recommended choice for industries that seek accuracy and efficiency.

Key Products:

  • Automatic chamfering machines
  • Tube-end finishing machines
  • Bar chamfering machines


All these companies, each of them with their unique strengths and offerings, contribute towards the advancement of the automatic Chamfering Machine industry. Their commitment towards innovation, precision, and customer satisfaction makes them noteworthy and reliable choices for many industries that are seeking reliable, accurate, efficient and effective solutions to fulfil their chamfering and metal processing needs.



Automatic chamfering machines contribute to significantly enhancing the manufacturing processes by increasing productivity, reducing manual labour, and also by ensuring consistent chamfered edges across various materials. They are an evident testament to the potential of industrial automation in order to improve efficiency and product quality. There are various factors that should be considered when purchasing automatic chamfering machines. By carefully evaluating the factors given in the article and also conducting thorough research and analysis, an informed decision can be made about purchasing an automatic chamfering machine which aligns with the specific production requirements, quality standards and operational goals.

The landscape of manufacturing automatic chamfering machines is defined by a selected group of companies that have risen to their current position of prominence through innovation, precision, and a constant commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. These top ten manufacturers, filtered out of numerous manufacturers around the world, spanning continents from Europe to Asia, share a common excellence that resonates across the industries located worldwide.

From TAMAutomation’s Spanish heritage and ELITE SA’s dedication towards customer satisfaction to CMS Srl’s specialization in precision machining and ABM MAKINE A.S.’s Turkish innovation, each of these companies brings a unique perspective to the realm of automatic chamfering machines.

As industries evolve and the automation of machinery becomes an integral and imperative part of manufacturing processes, the top ten companies will stand as a testament to the power of innovation, precision, efficiency, accuracy and collaboration. They embody and encase the spirit of progress and efficiency that continue to propel the automatic chamfering machine industry forward, meeting the needs of modern manufacturing along with unwavering dedication and ingenuity.

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