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Why Armpro is Trusted

Being Patronized As The Leading Metalworking Machinery Manufacturer

Wide Selection

Armpro offers a wide selection of products catering to different applications.

24/7 Online Customer Support

Armpro Sales and Tech team are available for the pre-sale consultation, after-sales service, on 24/7.

20+Years’ Metalworking Machinery Experience

With 20+ years’ experience in manufacturing metalworking machinery, we know your demand.

Ergonomic Designed Machinery

All machinery are crafted with weight and balance that match their output for a more comfortable utilization.

High Quality Control System

Before delivery, all the machines needed to be checked and inspected fully for 48 hours.

Exceptional Engineering

With outstanding engineers and advanced technology, Armpro creates more high-quality &effective machines.

Warranty Coverage

Armpro offers 2 years warranty for all metalworking machines that customers can be guaranteed a complete after-sale serviced.

Fast Delivery

With Professional logistics and distribution, we can ship the Equipment to your local port in time.

About Armpro

For 20 years, we have been engaged in the development and production of metalworking machinery and machine tool accessories – accommodating every customer’s individual need. More than 98% of clients praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend Armpro over time.

Armpro is the only metalworking manufacturer that offers all kinds of metalworking machinery. Each of our products is characterized by quality, precision, longevity and value stability so as to meet our client’s high quality requirements and continuous development and improvement on our products. Any metalworking equipment, contact Armpro, we will always here be your reliable partner and offer a total solution to you with complete pre-sales and after-sales service, and you will have a life-long consultant in your production process.


Contact Armpro To Request A Quick Quotation

Armpro provides different types of metalworking equipment, each of them is designed to perform a specific role. Below you will find the main types of metalworking machine Armpro supply:

  • Tapping machine (Electric tapping machine, pneumatic tapping machine, bench tapping machine CNC tapping machine)
  • Drilling machine (Drill press, Magnetic base drill, Drilling & tapping machine, Drilling & milling machine )
  • Mini metalworking machine ( mini lathe, mini drilling& milling machine, mini air chamfering tool)
  • Grinding machine ( Bench sander, belt sanding machine, electric chamfering machine)
  • sheetmetal working machine ( Bending machine, shearing machine, baking machine,
  • Workship machine ( Hydraulic press, air compressuer, sand blaster, parts washer.)
  • Machinery accessories ( Chuck, Rotary table,Universal dividing head,tailstock, Machine vise, 

If you are involved in processing, metalworking machinery, automotive industry, then Armpro metalworking machinery is suitable for you to buy. Armpro metalworking machines are widely used in these industries including:

  • Moulds & dies
  • Automotive industry
  • Auxiliary in CNC machines
  • Plate industry
  • Mechanization industry
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical industry
  • Defense industry
  • Oil & gas industry

Below you will find some direct factors that you should consider when choosing Armpro metalworking equipment:

  • Actual Production Needs: Will Armpro metalworking machinery really capable of meeting your actual product requirements? Like tapping machine.
  • Equipment Quality: Will Armpro Provide quality warranty and inspect every component of the equipment to make sure they are in perfect condition before ship out?
  • Capacity: You need to choose Armpro metalworking machinery capacity that can perfectly meet your products because per machinery has various capacity.
  • Simple Operation: Choose the machinery that has operation video, maintenance guideline or easy to operate based on your current level of experience.
  • Metalworking Equipment Price: Armpro expert team will suggest the most suitable price level machinery according to your actual budget and factory size.

Of course you can see all the reviews from our customers. All our reviews from the customers all over the world are open for you. Armpro metalworking equipment has been sold to many countries, such as USA, Australia, Mexico, England, South Africa, Russia and so on. We receive a number of reviews from these countries every day. Armpro warmly welcome your sincere suggestion.

Very few materials place such high demands on the machine operator as metal. Due to the hardness of the material, the accuracy and the appearance of the component to be produced, machines are needed because they reach their limits fairly quickly by hand. Our metalworking machines help you with the production of individual components but also small series.

Whatever your intentions, our metalworking machines will help you in any case. Whether lathe, milling machine, drilling or sawing machine and grinding machine, we have the right machine for you.

You are still not sure which model is best suited for your needs?our ARMPRO Speical team always at your service.

In our supply will find a huge range of accessories. Tools, chucks and grinding wheels for metalworking, as well as accessories for all machines in our range can be found under "Metal accessories". Should you not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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