FA1248 Smart ELectric tapping machine



Tapping capacity M12-M48
Voltage: 220/50hz
Motor Power 1200W
Spindle speed 50/250rpm
Working Radius in Horizontal 1260mm
Working Range in Vertical 700mm
Spindle taper B18
Quick change chuck size 48mm
Tap collet M12-M48
Torque Max 1200N.M
N.W 130kg
Overall Size 1200*1020*240

• With lower consumption compared with tradional pneumatic tapping machine.

•Taps both blind and through holes with automatic depth control,tapping counter,torque value control, speed control easily via servo motor system.

• Both manual or automatic tapping model available.

• Peak tapping model for harden materials tapping. (for holes that clog with swarf , harden materials)

• Machine head can be swiveled from 0 to 90 degrees


• The arm equipped with bearings at all swivel points, provides weightless operation through the use of damper and permits the operator to bring the tap to the hole with ease.

• Highly flexible Faster tapping cycles.

METRIC, BSP, BSW, UNC, UNF, NPT IN DIN OR ISO standard chuck collet available

electric tapping machine,flex arm tapping,tapping machine

DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL Program in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian available.

• Servo motor with Torque protection and Ratchet Tap holder to avoid tap broken. And the torque can be manual adjusted if required

electric tapping machine,flex arm tapping,tapping machine

• Faster tap positioning with difficult locations –easier to reach holes

• Increases productivity – lowers tapping cost per part

• Touch screen easy set parameters, RPM and thread pitch to program auto reverse.


• With Optional Automatic MQL Minimum Quantity Lubrication System ,only a few milliliters of lubricants are spent per hour,  ecological and economical solution compared with conventional cooling processes. and compressed air flow can be adjusted to blow away the iron filings easily.

Packing details:

Packed in export standard plywooden case with steel handle for convenient transport.

Tapping machine size  69*65*21cm  32kg            Working table size        95*65*82cm 128kg

If  our electric tapping machine can do Other operations:

  • Countersink hole, tightening, Screwing, riveting, Helicoils inserts.etc.

Optional working table with oil recycling 


And we made high quality Precision working table suface with Milling water sink and T-slot for our Spanish client.

Application Field

  • Moulds & Dies
  • automotive industry
  • Auxiliary in CNC machines
  • Plate industry
  • Mechanization industry
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical industry
  • Defense industry
  • Oil & gas industry

Product Advantages


      • Increases productivity
        • Taps both blind and through holes
        • Faster tapping cycles
        • Greater thread quality and accuracy
        • Easy to operate
        • Extends tap life
        • Eliminates broken taps
        • Faster tap positioning with diffificult locations–easier to reach holes–lowers tapping cost per part and applications
        • Highly flflexible, mobile and easy to use

Technical Parameters

Technical specifications

Tap holes capacity* M12 - M48
Speed max.

Low 50rpm

Fast 200rpm

Adjustable angle 0° - 90°
Max. working radius R 1250 mm

Quick change collet 

DIN Standard

31mm collet M12   M14  M16  M18   M20  M22-M24 

48mm collet M27   M30   M33   M36   M40  M42   M45   M48

Motor power 1200 W
Voltage 220 V/60HZ
Weight approx. 80 kg

* Material strength 400 N/mm²

METRIC, BSP, BSW, UNC, UNF, NPT DIN OR ISO standard chuck collet available

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