25CNC3A-1S 3 Axis CNC Pipe Bending Machine

Up to 25 mm (1”) Diameter
Fully Automatic and Cost Effective
Equipped with 3 programmable axis:
​Feeding – Electric Servomotor
Rotating – Electric Servomotor
Tube Bending – Electric Servomotor


3 Electric Axis CNC Tube Bending Machine


● Electric servomotor controlled 3 axis (feeding-Y,rotating-B,and bending-C).

● PLC controlled with touch screen provide user friendly operations.

● Self-diagnostic system, detecting the error immediately

● Automatic mandrel lubrication.

● High quality hydraulic system and PLC unit (standard components)

● Electric cabinet cooling fan and the hydraulic cooling system ensure the equipment long-time work stably under the high temperature.


Model 25CNC3A-1S
Max Bending Diameter (carbon steel) 25×1.6mm
Max Bending Diameter (stainless steel) 25×1.4mm
Bending Radius 100mm
Bending Angle 0~190°
Max Mandrel Length 1400mm
Bending Speed 200°/sec
Accuracy ±0.1
Feeding Speed 1100mm/sec
Accuracy ±0.1
Rotating Speed 200°/sec
Accuracy ±0.1
Tool Stack 2
Motor Power Bending Motor 1.5kw/Rotating Motor 400w/Feeding Motor750w
Hydraulic Pressure 12MPa
Weight 1000kg
Dimension 3000×780×1100mm



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