APKF9335 Gear deburring machine


  1. APKF9335 is a CNC Gear chamfering machine with Three-axis, which adopt continuoues process theory.The machine adopts two chamfering cutter to machining surface point angle and crown angle, special suitable for vertical gear and shaft gear.
  2. Three CNC axes are workpiece spindle, cutter headstock longitudinal feed spindle and horizontal movement spindle, the workpiece spindle is linkage with cutter headstock longitudinal feed spindle during machining process, the rotation of workpiece adopts servo motor to drive high-precision, dual-lead indexing worm gear.
  3. The feed motion adopts servo motor to drive ball screw pair.
  4. Cutter spindle uses import high precision spindle unit, frequency motor is driven by cog belt. And the speed of cutter spindle adopts frequency conversion stepless speed adjustment. The machine high efficiency, stable performance, adjustment is easy, applicability is wide, good quality characteristics.
  5. SIMENS CNC control System,

Main Technical Parameters 




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