AT12 Automatic Tapping machine

Armpro AT12 automatic tapping machine enables tapping operation automatically.
The automatic mode can effectively control the depth of tapping, automatic control by depth.
The integrated input field can be used to switch between automatic and manual mode, jsut simply set thread depth and speed. 
The low maintenance and operating costs as well as the pleasant working volume are also an advantage favored by users.

Tapping cycle time can be greatly reduced using Fast approach and Fast return mechanisms.
The built-in Fast approach and Pitch Feed automatic switch mechanisms significantly cut down idling time during the tapping process.

Tapping machine with a 100mm Long Full Stoke. Capable of avoiding interference with fixtures or peripheral devices and making it easiler for tool change.

automatic tapping machine, self-feed tapping machine

Capable of mounting multi-spindle tapper head on tapping machine to reduce greatly on tapping cost



AT12 AT16
Max. Tapping capacity M2-M12 M2-M14
Spindle Travel 100mm 100mm
Spindle taper JT6 JT6
Motor Power 1200W 1200W
Max Spindle speed 833rpm 555rpm
Column Dia 74mm 74mm
Distance between spindle end to table 400mm 400mm
Distance between Spindle axis to column generating line 270mm 270mm
Spindle taper JT6 JT6
Tap collet M2-M12 M2-M14
Screw Pitch range 0.4mm,  0.45mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm

40teeth/inch,  36teeth/inch, 28teeth/inch, 26teeth/inch, 24teeth/inch, 22teeth/inch, 18teeth/inch

Base dimention 300*350 300*350
N.W 100kg
Overall Size 550*550*800 550*550*800
Voltage: 220/50hz (If require other voltage, pls specific)


The selection of cutting speed rotation speeds should be based on the material type of the work, cutting characteristics, diameter and material of taps, cutting speed, etc.

Select the most appropriate feed gear for the tapping pitch to be used.



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