DHD08-2525 Tube Plate CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

1.There are both single axis processing and multiple axis processing function.

2.The CNC programming automatic processing ensures the good quality such as the spacing of the hole, diameter tolerance, verticality, harshness, etc.

3.It’s a totally different from the traditional processing ways of multiple collections, which extremely improves the production capacity.

4.There are also optional chip conveyors: outside chip conveyor gun drill or inner chip conveyor BTA.


DHD08-2020 Tube plate CNC deep hole drilling machine
Processing capacity Diameter of hole drilling(gun drill) ∮10~20mm
Diameter of hole drilling(BTA) ∮20~40mm
Depth range of the hole 800mm
Maximun diameter 2000mm
Processing range X axis processing range 2000mm
Y axis processing range 2000mm
Zaxis processing range 850mm
Spindle Qty. of spindle 2个pcs(可选1~4个Optional1~4pcs)
Centerline spacing(adjustable) 170-220mm
Spindle speed 100-3000r/min
Feed speed 0-3000mm/min
Power Spindle motor 15kw
X axis servo motor 40N.m
Yaxis servo motor 40N.m
  Z axis servo motor 22N.m
W axis servo motor 22N.m
Vaxis servo motor 30N.m
Total power 40kw
Cooling system Pressure range 2~10MPa
Flux range 10~200L/min
Capacity of oil tank 2000L
Working table Surface size 2000×1600mm
Max.loading capacity 10T
Size of standing board 800×800×2000mm
Qty of standing board 2pcs
Machine tool Weight 30T
Measurement 5000×6000mm
Height of Machine 5000mm


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