GT200*300 Precision Modular Vise

All ARMPRO  vises and accessories are modular and components of all our vises will interchange with perfect alignment.

The vises can be matched side to side with the highest precision and minimum of set up times thanks to many fixed reference points.

All this is possible thanks to the high precision of the vise particularly as regards:

  • the base high;
  • the alignment with longitudinal key-nuts with respect to the fixed jaw;
  • the perpendicularity of the fixed jaw with respect to the vise base and the parallelism of the base top and bottom surfaces.

Properties and application:

  • Precision modular vises  are widely used on milling machines, grinding machines, electroerosion machines and CNC machining centers
  • Made of high-quality alloy steel
  • Permissible deviation of the height of base ±0,01 mm allows to use several vises simultaneously
  • When replacing the jaws, remachining of the working surfaces connected to the vise is necessary in order to acquire accuracy parameters specified in the techninal documentation
  • Perfect solution for various applications
  • Alternative for single and double vises
  • Module no. III sold separately
  • Guide surfaces hardened
  • with pull-down effect
  • Modular Vise System
  • Parallelism < 0.005/100 mm
  • Perpendicularity < 0.02/50 mm
  • Repeat accuracy < 0.02 mm
  • fixed jaw rotatable by 180°, rear side with clamping step

Product features *
Series: GT200*300
Size: 200 x 300
W [mm]: 200
A [mm]: 300
L [mm]: 483
B [mm]: 595
C [mm]: 170
D [mm]: 112
H [mm]: 70
N [mm]: 65
Max. clamping force 10000
Net Weight [kg] 79

* Data according to manufacturer / All rights of technical, optical changing and mistakes reserved!

Including clamping claws, fitting stones, key, crank handle and workpiece stop.



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