HB-12 Hydraulic Metal Tubing Bender

Make sharp or gradual angle bends in metal, conduit, rebar, plastic and more with armpro bending tools.

Choose from universal benders, tubing benders, rebar benders, hydraulic benders, and more.

Our choises of hand benders are designed for toolrooms, maintenance , model shops, laboratories and production shops.


The hydraulic pipe bender can bend the pipe easy with cylinder. It has various molds to bend the pipe in various sizes.


Model HB-12
Max.pressure (ton) 12
Max.ram strike (mm) 240
Packing dimension (cm) 63X57X18
N.W./G.W.(kg) 40/43

Standard accessories:

This machine with six sets standard dies , the size is 1/2”、3/4”、1”、1-1/4”、1-1/2”、2”.


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