PB-168NC Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

OD 168mm NC Control Hydraulic Tube Bender automatic pipe bending machine, cnc tube bending machine
The NC series tube benders (Pipe bending) equipped with NC control unit.

It combines easy-to-use operation with high bending accuracy and cost effectiveness.

It is the practical semi-automatic solution for small to medium productions.



OD 168mm hydraulic tube bender

NC control unit with touch screen, imported electric and hydraulic elements

Up to 9 programmable bends

Direct acting hydraulic clamping with optional pressure die assist

Easy operation interface and enable easy data input by English

Large program capacity storage for different processing switched flexibly

Angle changing is controlled by coder

Self diagnosis & error messages on screen display

Foot switch with multiple funtion: automatic start, emergency stop, and resuming, high safety

Suitable for various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.



Model PB-168NC
Max Bending Diameter (carbon steel) 168×10mm (3D)
Max Bending Diameter (stainless steel) 125×4mm
Bending Radius 600mm
Bending Angle 0~195°
Max Mandrel Length 5000mm
Bending Speed 45°/sec
Bending Accuracy ±0.1°
Motor Power 33kw (44HP)
Hydraulic Pressure 16MPa
Weight 11000kg
Dimension 7200×1550×1300mm


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