RD1200X50 Radial drilling machine

RD1200X50 Radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machine can also be called cross-arm drilling machine.
The head-stock can move left and right on the rocker arm, and rotate with the rocker arm.
Drilling machine with rotary column.
It is often used in the machining of small and medium-sized work-pieces in machinery manufacturing and repair factories.
Model                   RD1200X50
Max.drilling capacity                       (mm)                            50
Distance spindle axis to column generating line  (mm)                      350-1250
Diameter of column                         (mm)                           350
Spindle taper                          MT5
Spindle travel                                  (mm)                           315
Spindle speeds range                      (r/min)                       25-2000
Spindle speeds series                             16
Range of Spindle feeds                   (mm/r)                      0.04-3.2
Mpindle Spindle feeds                             16
Distance spindle nose to working surface of base (mm)                      350-1220
Dimension of worktable                  (mm)                  630X500X500
Dimension of base                          (mm)                2050X1000X200
Overall size                                    (mm)               2150X1060X2650
Power of Main motor                     (kw)                              4
G.W/NW                                       (kg)                     3250/3000
Packing dimension                          (cm)                   240X112X252


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