TCV-320 4th Axis CNC Rotary Table


  • Compact Design
  • Hydraulic brake system for high clamping force
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Rotary joint as an option

Main features:

1. High precision double lead worm gear adopts Japanese unique formula, high tension, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant aluminum bronze.

2. Special bearing for turntable is adopted, which can bear heavy cutting in horizontal and vertical directions and has high rigidity. Better than general bearing form.

3. Large bore design can better meet the use needs, and large space is more conducive to fixture and process plannin.

4. After the whole machine is assembled, all the datum surfaces are ground, with high precision and generous appearance.

TCV-320 Specification Unit
Dia.of Rotary table mm Φ320
Dia.of center hole of table mm Φ160
Inner hole dia. of center sleeve mm Φ120
Center through hole dia. mm Φ120
Center height (Vetical) mm 210
Total height of table(Horizontal) mm 235
Width of T-slot of table mm 14H7
Width of location key mm 18
Minimum setting unit deg 0.001
Dividing accuracy sec 15
Repeat positioning accuracy sec 4
Clamping system (by hydraulic) Kg/cm² 35
clamping torque N.m 1100
Servo Motor model FANUC straight shaft α12i/β12is
Siemens straight shaft 1FK7083
Reduction ratio 1/120
Max.speed rpm 25
Total weight(without motor) kg 195

Optional accessories:

1. 3-jaw chuck and flange

2. Tail stock (Disc type or Centre type)

3. Bridge plage and L block

4. CNC controller

5. Motor

6. PLC


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