TR28-250 Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine


The two-die TR28-250 thread rolling machine is used to form the straight thread, screw thread, and inclined thread on solid bar and solid rod.

It can be customized according to the nonstandard screw thread.

The thread rolling machine is used to make the bar or rod with diameter of 5-30mm, screw pitch of 1-2mm, and the thread rolling length is unlimited as you like.

With hydraulic drive system, the 2 die cylindrical machine can work strongly and smoothly, the hydraulic pressure is adjustable.

We will supply necessary spare parts free of charge at least two year.

The two-die thread rolling machine is easy to operate, we will supply the video and operation manual, we also can provide free training service. The wooden package is optional to protect the cylindrical thread rolling machine well during shipment.

Max. Rolling Force 260KN/26TON
Rolling size Max. Rolling O.D.(Infeed) Φ90mm
Max. Rolling O.D.(Thrufeed) Φ65mm
Max Rolling Length (Infeed) 120mm
Max Rolling Length (Thrufeed) Indefinite
Max Pitch 6mm
Die-spindle Center Distance 150-300mm
Cylinder Slide Movement 2mm/s
Height from Base plate till Spindle Centre 190mm
Operating Height 985mm
Productivity 4-15pcs/min
Spindle Tilt ±8°
Rolling Die Rolling Speed 16/26/38/55/90 rpm
Outside Diameter Φ210mm
Bore Diameter Φ75mm
Max Width 120mm
Bore Keyway 20mm
Motor Voltage: 380v/50hz
Rolling Spindle Power 11kw
Hydraulic Pump 3.75kw
Coolant Pump 125w
Gross.Weight 3000kg
Dimensions 1950*1750*1600mm


1. It is easy to operate, designed for small full-thread tube-type parts.

2.The spindle is controlled by frequency converter, the rotation speed can be adjusted.

3.Adopt hydraulic circuit control for tool-forward, so the tool forward smoothly and easy to operate.

4.With heating treatment for driving gear with lower noise and high wear resistance.

5.High precision and stability, could make the products same.

Technical parameter of Armpro TR28-500



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