TR28-250B Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine



Max. Rolling Force 260KN/26TON
Rolling size Max. Rolling O.D.(Infeed) Φ90mm
Max. Rolling O.D.(Thrufeed) Φ65mm
Max Rolling Length (Infeed) 120mm
Max Rolling Length (Thrufeed) Indefinite
Max Pitch 6mm
Die-spindle Center Distance 150-300mm
Cylinder Slide Movement 2mm/s
Height from Base plate till Spindle Centre 190mm
Operating Height 985mm
Productivity 4-15pcs/min
Spindle Tilt ±8°
Rolling Die Rolling Speed 16/26/38/55/90 rpm
Outside Diameter Φ210mm
Bore Diameter Φ75mm
Max Width 120mm
Bore Keyway 20mm
Motor Voltage: 380v/50hz
Rolling Spindle Power 11kw
Hydraulic Pump 3.75kw
Coolant Pump 125w
Gross.Weight 3000kg
Dimensions 1950*1750*1600mm


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