TR28-6.3 Hydraulic Pipe Thread Molling Machine

The main characteristic of the unique 3-DIE CYLINDRICAL THREAD ROLLING MACHINE  is the central position of all 3 rolling slides in a pre-loaded double-frame. This ensures highest rigidity. By using the 3-rolls principle the needed force is brought via 3 contact zones into the workpiece material instead of 2. Thus even rolling of hollow parts is possible without compromise in quality or damaging of workpiece.


  • 3-Slide system with symmetric support of dies for centered positioning of workpiece
  • Adjustment for your quality requirement
  • close double frame that leads to minimized bending

Economical solution

  • Electronical Stroke and diameter adjustment
  • calculation of pitch deviation
  • Proposal of rolling time

1.Armpro 3-die thread rolling machine is specially designed for tubular processing. Equilateral triangle supports running to assure the roundness.
2.with 3- die thread rolling machine is with equilateral triangle supports the thread rolling for improving roundness, concentricity and vertical degree.
3.Armpro thread rolling machine is driving by hydraulic unit: Featuring in easy operation and powerful pressure.
4.Armpro thread rolling machine is set with 4 speeds transmission gear with grinding shape teeth: Featuring in noise-free, durable and precise transmission.
Particularly applied to the tubular thread processing, such as oil connectors, bicycle, automobile and motor vehicle parts, radiating pipe etc.

5. Infeed & Thru feed can be done in one machine

6. Thread, knurling, spline can be done

7. High precision, stability & durability

TR28-6.3 Specification
Max. Rolling Force 20KN/20Ton
Rolling size Max Rolling Dia Φ25-70mm
Max Rolling Length (Infeed) 120mm
Max Rolling Length (Thrufeed) Indefinite
Max Pitch 1-6mm
Slide Movement 2mm/s
Operating Height 960mm
Productivity 4-15pcs/min
Rolling Die Rolling Speed Servo Motor Stepless
Max Outside Diameter Φ170mm
Bore Diameter Φ54mm
Max Width 120mm
Bore Keyway 12mm
Motor Voltage: 380v/50hz
Rolling Spindle Power 11-4kw
Hydraulic Pump 4-4kw
Coolant Pump 125w
Gross.Weight 2700kg
Dimensions 1750*1600*1900mm



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