YKL9332 Universal Chamfering and Deburring Machine

YKL9332 Universal Chamfering and Deburring Machine with two cutting tool heads has been designed for manufacturing spur and helical gears.

Deburring operation using proven and qualified deburring tool heads, spring-loaded to compensate for face width variations.

Chamfering operation using chamfer and chamfer-roller tools for a better final result.

Self-centering tools guarantee symmetrical chamfers on both sides of the workpiece

The two tool Chamfering and deburring heads are meshed with the workpiece by pneumatic cylinders to compensate workpiece runout.

This results in symmetrical and constant chamfers on all teeth.



1.Chamfering, rolling and deburring in a single process

2. Easy connection to a variety of automation systems or robots

3. Extreme short cycles time

4. Low cost for chamfering, rolling and deburring


Main Technical Parameters 

Work piece diameter:gear tooth tip rounded:Ф50~ Ф320mm

Machining gear module :6mm

Maximum work piece lenght:≤500mm

Distance from cutter spindle to workpiece center: 100-300mm

Mounting hole of deburring cutter:  92mm

Mounting hole of Chamfering cutter: 100mm

Cutter speed:200rpm


Main Motor Power:10Kw

Machine shape Length×width×height(mm):2300×1800×2000

Machinenetweight :≤3200kg

Operating ambient temperature:-5~40°C

Air supply requirements:Airpressure0.4~0.7MPa

Two axis


Optional Accessories:

Automatic loading & unloading device

Safety light curtain

Progressive concentration lubricate

Large protection







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