Top 10 Involute gear Cutter manufacturers in the world

Gear cutting tools play an indispensable role in gear manufacturing. As any mechanical engineer knows, the right involute gear cutter can make or break your gear production outcomes. But with so many gear cutter manufacturers to choose from, how do you decide on the best supplier for your needs? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting involute gear cutters.

How to make an informed decision when purchasing Involute gear Cutter

When selecting an involute gear cutter supplier, key factors to consider are:

Manufacturing Capability

The gear cutter manufacturer should have expertise in producing high-accuracy tools efficiently leveraging the latest technologies like precision grinding processes. They require advanced machining capabilities and quality materials.

Quality and Reliability

The cutting tools must maintain stringent tolerances, dimensional accuracy, correct involute form, and have superb cutting edge integrity for reliable performance. Reputable manufacturers have rigorous quality control standards.

Variety of Gear Cutters

Choose a company that provides a wide range of standard and custom tool designs - hobs, shaper cutters, carbide tools, rack cutters etc. to suit diverse gear specifications.

Services Offered

Look for additional services like reconditioning of worn tools, recoating, technical support, and rush delivery options.

Industry Experience

Premier gear cutting tool manufacturers often have decades of application experience across leading industries like automotive, aerospace, wind power.

Global Reach

Leading suppliers have a worldwide presence and distribution network to meet delivery needs. Local support is also an advantage.

Evaluating these aspects helps identify the best partner for your gear production needs. The ideal supplier equips you with robust, precision tools tailored for your specific application. Their high performance gear cutters enhance productivity and quality.

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    1. Star SU (USA)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Star SU is a leading manufacturer of gear cutting tools and machine tools with over 95 years of experience. Their gear manufacturing expertise and cutting tool capabilities make them an ideal supplier for customers across industries like automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, power generation.

    Headquartered in Illinois, USA, Star SU has facilities in Virginia along with an extensive distribution network across North America.

    Key Products: Hobbs, broaches, shaper cutters, involute gear cutters

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Involute gear Cutter-post


    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Complete range of gear cutting tools - hobs, shaper cutters, broaches, PCD tooling
    • Advanced in-house tool engineering capability
    • Precision manufacturing processes ensure tight tolerances
    • Gear cutting tool reconditioning services maximize tool life
    • Solutions for complex gear cutting applications


    2. Gleason (USA)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Gleason is a prominent global provider of gear production systems and solutions. They design and manufacture machine tools, metrology equipment, gear cutting tools, and software.


    With over 120 years of experience, Gleason is headquartered in New York and serves customers across the automotive, aviation, wind power, construction, agriculture industries globally.

    Key Products: Gear hobs, shaper cutters, carbide tools

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Cutting tools optimized for superior performance on Gleason machines
    • Extensive range of standard and custom tool designs
    • Industry-leading tool life and consistency
    • Continuous tooling innovations focused on increasing productivity
    • Technical expertise in gear tool engineering


    3. Klingelnberg (Germany)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Klingelnberg is a pioneer and global leader in gear technology spanning design, manufacturing, and metrology. They develop advanced machines and tools for bevel gear and cylindrical gear production.


    Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Klingelnberg serves diverse industries worldwide including automotive, construction machinery, wind power, marine, robotics, and others.

    Key Products: Cylindrical gear cutting machines, measuring centers

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Specialized in high-precision cylindrical gear cutting tools
    • Proprietary coatings ensure maximum tool life
    • Customized tools engineered for specific applications
    • Complete gear production systems capability
    • Continuous R&D in advanced gear manufacturing


    4. Dathan (UK)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Dathan Tool and Gauge manufacturers bespoke gear cutting tools tailored for industries like aerospace, defense, Formula 1, oil & gas.


    Based in England, Dathan has over 50 years of experience in producing specialty gear tools. Their customers include leading companies globally and they are able to manufacture tools up to 4 meters in length.

    Key Products: Gear hobs, rack cutters, broaches, power skiving tools


    Involute gear Cutter

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Demonstrated expertise in large, complex custom gear tools manufacturing
    • Supplies cutting tools to high-precision, high-quality industries
    • Skilled engineering team supporting tool design needs
    • Service focused approach with close customer collaboration
    • Strong quality commitment and inspection at every stage


    5. NIDEC (Japan)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    NIDEC Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric motors, with advanced material and production technologies. Their machine tools division supplies high-quality gear cutting tools to leading auto manufacturers globally.


    Headquartered in Japan, NIDEC serves customers across the IT, home electronics, automotive and industrial sectors. It has over 200 group companies in over 40 countries.

    Key Products: Motors, blowers, precision machinery including gear tools

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Ultra-hard carbide gear cutters with superb wear resistance
    • Tools optimized for micromachining applications
    • Engineering support for developing custom tool designs
    • Global manufacturing and sales footprint
    • Renowned for reliability and consistency


    6. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of the world’s leading industrial firms with interests in aerospace, transportation, energy systems, machine tools and more. Their extensive machine tool division supplies precision gear cutting machines, tools, services, and solutions.


    Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries serves customers globally through their network of regional offices and partnerships.

    Key Products: Gear cutting machines, tools

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Machines, tools and controls from a single manufacturer for an integrated machining system
    • Advanced coatings on tools for maximizing durability
    • Wide selection of high-quality standard and custom tools
    • Strong focus on reliability and precision manufacturing
    • Decades of industry experience and innovation


    7. Sandvik Coromant (Sweden)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Sandvik Coromant is a global industry leader in the machining tools sector. They offer an extensive portfolio of carbide milling tools, inserts, toolholders, and more. Their gear cutting tools enable productive and high-quality gear manufacturing on modern tool machines.


    Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Sandvik Coromant has a presence in over 150 countries with manufacturing, sales, technical support throughout the major regions.

    Key Products: Carbide milling tools, inserts, toolholders, gear cutting tools

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Highly productive gear cutting tools designed for maximum output
    • Advanced substrate grades and coatings for durability
    • Global application engineering support network
    • Focused on boosting gear manufacturing productivity
    • Continuous investment in cutting tool innovations


    8. Star Cutter (USA) 

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Star Cutter Company manufactures a broad range of cylindrical gear cutting tools and tool grinding solutions with a legacy of almost 100 years. Their tools equip gear manufacturers with high performance and quality.


    Headquartered in Michigan, USA - Star Cutter has manufacturing facilities in Virginia, Indiana, and Michigan along with technical sales representation throughout North America

    Key Products: Gear hobs, broaches, shaper cutters, tool cutter grinders

     Involute gear Cutter-post

      Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Diverse portfolio covering virtually all cylindrical gear tools
    • Custom tool engineering capability for special applications
    • Reconditioning services to extend tool life cycle
    • Decades of gear production application expertise
    • Solutions tailored for manufacturer's specific needs


    9. Bourn & Koch (USA)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Bourn & Koch is a leader in precision gear manufacturing technology. They design and build advanced gear cutting and grinding machines, plus the specialized tools needed to operate them.


    Located in Rockford, Illinois with over 100 years of experience – Bourn & Koch enables high-quality gear production across industries like aerospace, automotive, agriculture, transmissions and others.

    Key Products: Gear cutting and grinding machines, tools

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Involute gear Cutter-post

    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Tools designed specifically for precision gear applications
    • Reconditioning support enables longer tool life
    • Capability to design and manufacture special custom tools
    • Relentless focus on delivering high-quality gear solutions
    • Application experts that understand customer needs


    10. Helios Gear Products (USA)

    Involute gear Cutter -post

    Helios Gear Products provides integrated gear manufacturing solutions - machines, cutting tools, and services tailored for customer's needs. Their innovative tools boost productivity and profitability.


    Located in South Elgin, Illinois, USA, Helios combines world-class brands like Mitsubishi, Tecno Machine and their own advanced tool engineering capabilities to serve leading manufacturers globally.

    Key Products: Hobbing machines, cutting tools, tool services


    Involute gear Cutter-post


    Reasons for Recommendation:

    • Broad selection of high-performance cylindrical gear tools
    • Experienced application engineers provide technical support
    • Focused on enabling profitable gear production
    • Repower services to upgrade existing installations
    • Single-source provider for gear manufacturing needs


    This overview of the top 10 involute gear cutter manufacturers encompasses leading global suppliers with expertise in delivering reliable, high-quality tools. With capabilities ranging from supplying standard tools in volume to highly customized and specialized cutting tools, these manufacturers can equip you with the right gear cutting solution for your production needs.


    Choosing a reputable partner helps set your manufacturing processes up for success. Their expertise in precision tool engineering ensures you get robust tools with accurate dimensions and profiles. This enhances the quality of the gears produced while maximizing productivity. With the best involute gear cutters, you gain a competitive edge.

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