PD-50 Automatic Pipe Brush De-burring Machine

Brush Deburring Machine for Pipe


OD up to 50mm automatic pipe deburring
Deburring long round pipe,square pipe
Standard Working length 200-1000mm
Double End, automatic feeding, automatic deburring



Model PD-50
Type Electric drive
Pipe Diameter 10-50mm
Work Length 200-1000mm
Rack travel 1000mm
Work Speed 3-5s/pcs
Grinding wheel motor 1.5KW,3.7A,1400r/min
Chain drive motor 0.75kw,1390r/min
Weight 1000kg
Dimension 200*150*150cm

OD 50mm Brush Deburring Machine For Pipe


● OD up to 50mm long pipe deburring

● Deburring round pipe, square pipe

● Suitable for, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper pipe

● PLC automatic control system can meet high efficiency demand

● Suitable for different diameter pipe, do not need change mold

● Automatic feeding and deburring, high efficiency and save labor




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