PCM-230AC Hydraulic Pipe Chamfering Machine

Single End Hydraulic Pipe Chamfering Machine



● OD up to 230mm large diameter pipe capacity,rod up to diameter 30mm

● Heavy duty chamfer and thick walled tube chamfering machine

● Fully adjustable feed rate according type of material

● Evenly chamfers the inside, outside and face of the tube simultaneously

● Multiple function machine can process pipe and solid bar

●Single end chamfering, Manual feeding, automatic clamping, automatic chamfering

Options Available

● Radius blade,round end chamfer blade

● Customized angle tool holder

● Boring head

● Pencil pointing head

● Other Customized tools,blade,cutter head

● Automatic feeding device for bolts,stud



Model PCM-230AC
Type Hydraulic drive
Appicable Pipe Diameter 30-230mm
Bar Diameter ≤35mm
Processing Length ≥40mm
Processing accuracy ±0.1mm
Processing Speed 8-15s/pc
Machine Motor 5.5kw
Work Pressure MPA 6-8KG
Weight 550KG
Dimension 125*150*155cm








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