DHD640 Vertical Deep Hole Drilling Machine

1. The control system adopts the new generation of numerical control system in Taiwan, with stable and reliable performance, universal and convenient operation and programming, and perfect and timely after-sales service.

2. The moving parts adopt high precision, ball screw linear guide, which realizes the accurate positioning in the movement of the machine tool.

3. The cooling system of the machine adopts remote control device, which can adjust different flow and pressure according to the size of the drilling hole, different materials, chip situation, accuracy requirements, etc., so as to achieve the optimal supply of coolant.

4. The guiding part of the main shaft is driven by a single oil cylinder, which runs smoothly with ingenious structure and uniform force on the guide sleeve; the intermittent blowing function can timely and effectively clean up the chip accumulation in the processing process.

5. The spindle is a famous brand in Taiwan, which has the characteristics of high bearing accuracy, large torque and low noise; the driving part of the spindle is driven by a high torque front toothed pulley, and the modular design of high speed, together with the spindle thermostatic device, can effectively extend the service life of the spindle.


Item DHD640
Processing capacity Diameter of hole drilling φ1.5~16mm
Maxinium Depth 220mm
Processing Range X axis processing range 600mm
Y axis processing range 400mm
Z axis processing range 450mm
Working table Diameter 700*450mm
Bearing Capacity 300 kg
T-slot 3-18X100mm
Spindle Spindle taper hole BT40
Spindle speed 8000rpm / 10000rpm
deflection accuracy of spindle 0.005mm
Qty. of spindle 1
Spindle feed speed Spindle fast moving speed 10m/min
Zdrilling hole spindle speed 0-500 mm/min
Accuracy Position accuracy ±0.005 mm
Re- position accuracy ±0.005 mm
Power Spindle motor power 5.5kw
X Spindle motor power 2.6 kw
Y Spindle motor power 2.6 kw
Z Spindle motor power 5.5 kw
Total power of machine tool 18kw
Cooling system Pressure range 2-120 kgf /cm²
Maximum coolant flow 40L/min
Cutting tank capacity 200L
Oil pump motor power 5.5 kw*2
Magnetic filtration accuracy 20um
Dimension weight Floor area of machine tool (L × w) 2200mm×2800mm
Maximum height of machine tool 2400mm
Weight 4ton
System CNC system Taiwan Xindai


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