DHD13-1610 Three Axis CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

1.Three coordinates CNC linkage runs automatically.

2.Slender deep hole machining process without return, drilling efficiency is as high as 6 times more than ordinary drilling machine.

3.Processing capacity, standard gun drill: ∮3-20 mm, bigger diameter can be customized . BTA: ∮18-65(BTA is optional).

4.drilling depth 600mm.

5.With the ideal size accuracy, hole drilling accuracy of straightness, and roughness.

DHD13-1610 Three axis CNC deep hole drilling machine
Drilling capacity Drilling aperture ∮3~32mm
Drilling depth 1300mm
Travel Table horizontal 1600mm
Main spindle veritical 1000mm
Speed Spindle speed 4500rpm
Feed speed 0~3000mm/min
Table Size(L*W0 1000×1700mm
Max.loading capacity 10ton
Power Spindle motor 7.5KW
X axis motor 15N.m
Y axis motor 15N.m
Z axis motor 10N.m
Total power 30KW
Cooling system Cooling pressure 2-100kg/cm²
Rate of flow 6-80L/min
Size and weight Floor space require(L*W) 5000×4000mm
Machine height 2800mm
Machine weight around 12 ton


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