PCMA-350CNC Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine


Spec/Model PCMA-350CNC
Max capacity 110mm(4 1/3 “)
90x90mm(3 1/2″x 3 1/2″)
Blade Size 200~350mm
Blade Speed 2 speed gear
Blade Cleaning Flood coolant
Main Motor 3.3-4.0kw
Servo Feeding Motor 1.0kw
Work Feeding Automatic & Hydraulic
Feeding Length 1000mm once, can feed many times
Clamping Auto left-right universal clamp
Cutting Accuracy ±0.1mm
Weight 1200kg
Packaging Size 2800x950x1800mm

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine


● Work pipe diameter capacity up to 110mm,special for thin-walled pipe

● PLC automatic control system,easily operate

● Single pipe or bundle pipe cutting meet different requirements

● Smooth no burr cutting surface,avoid secondary operation

● Servo motor feeding accuracy reach +/-0.1mm

● Only 5mm tailing to reduce waste,high precision cutting reach +/-0.1mm

● With intelligent monitor for no material and automatic stop to ensure work safety

● Change pole motor adjust different three level speed of circular sawblade to cut various metal

● Special clamp for round ,square,rectangle,etc.different shape pipe.

● Water soluble rust inhibitor with filtration system to make chipping central conveyor system

● Automatic detection alarm system for user to trouble shooting more easier




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