PCM-200AC Single-End Pipe Chamfering Machine

Single End Round Bar Chamfering Machine

OD up to 200mm
Pipe & rod chamfering machine
Chamfer long and short pipe & rod
Single end chamfering, Manual feeding, automatic clamping, automatic chamfering


TypeHydraulic drive
Pipe Diameter30-200mm
Bar Diameter10-35mm
Work Length≥50mm
Work accuracy±0.1mm
Work Speed3-5s/pcs
Machine Motor4kw
Work PressureMPA 6-8KG

OD 200mm Single End Round Bar Chamfering Machine


● OD up to 200mm large diameter pipe,facing rod end up to diameter 25mm

● Different rotation speeds for various materials and requirements ( Pulley setup )

● Suitable for stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum,copper

● High efficency and output

● Specially suitable for thick-walled pipe

Options Available

● Radius blade,round end chamfer blade

● Customized chamfering angle tool holder

● Chamfering seat for Centering drill

● Chamfering seat for tube boring

● Chamfering seat pencil pointing head

● Other Customized tools,blade,cutter head

● Automatic feeding device for bolts,stud


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