PCMC-450CNC Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Auto Feeding Tube Cutting Machine

OD up to 150mm automatic tube cutting
Cut round tube and square tube
Automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic cutting, short tailing



Spec/Model PCMC-450CNC
Max capacity 150mm(6″)
140x140mm(5 1/2″x 5 1/2″)
Cutting Angle 40°-90°
Blade Size 300~500mm
Blade Speed 4 speed gear
Blade Cleaning Flood coolant
Main Motor 4.5-5.5kw
Servo Feeding Motor 1.0kw
Coolant Motor 90w
Work Feeding Automatic & Hydraulic
Feeding Length 1000mm once, can feed many times
Clamping Auto left-right clamp
Cutting Accuracy ±0.05-0.1mm
Weight 1600kg
Packaging Size 4000x950x1800mm

Automatic 45 degree Tube Cutting Machine


● Work pipe diameter capacity up to 130mm

● PLC automatic control system,easily operate and save labor

● Mitering cutting 45-90 degree

● Smooth no burr cutting surface,avoid secondary operation

● Servo motor feeding accuracy reach +/-0.1mm

● High precision cutting reach +/-0.1mm

● Change pole motor adjust different three level speed of circular sawblade to cut various metal

● Automatic detection alarm system for user to trouble

Options Available

● Full automatic loading device

● Discharge rack

● Ultrasonic cleaning air dryer machine


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