YK9256 Gear Teeth Chamfering & Deburring Machine

YK9256 Gear Teeth Chamfering & Deburring Machine Feature:

1.The machine tool adopts a vertical, fully enclosed housing and is controlled by Siemens CNC system.
2.It is capable of chamfering the full profile of various cylindrical gears and involute spline parts.
3.The machining spindle uses an electric spindle to ensure constant linear cutting speed of the tool.
4.The machine tool employs dry cutting process and is equipped with a bed flushing function to clean away iron chips.
5.It provides a reserved interface for robot integration and can be connected to various automated production lines.
6.Both upper and lower chamfering heads simultaneously process both end faces of the gears.
7.Optional top tip is available, suitable for machining gear shaft parts.
8Optional brush is available for removing fine burrs generated after chamfering.


2. Excellent chamfering effect; the dimensions, angles, and surface finish can fully meet the requirements of the engineering drawings. Both sides of the tooth profile and the fillet on the tooth root can be machined, ensuring consistent size and no sharp edges on the entire tooth profile after machining.

3. The machining process adopts milling, and a single tool can basically meet all the machining needs. The tool uses replaceable inserts (common diamond-shaped machine tool inserts), which are cost-effective and easy to replace.

4. There are no secondary issues left after gear machining. Due to the use of milling for tooling, the machined teeth will not cause secondary protrusions or tooth failure and breakage due to stress concentration after heat treatment.

5. The use of tooling milling does not generate dust pollution and meets environmental protection requirements.


Main Technical Parameters 

Work piecediameter:Cylindrical outer gear tooth tip rounded:560mm

Maximum Helix Angle( β):≤55º

Machining gear module :1.2~16mm

Maximum work piece weight :≤70kg

Maximum axial height of work piece:≤300mm

Cutting tool rotation speed:2000~16000rpm


Machine Power:15Kw

Machine shape Length×width×height(mm):2050×2100×2650

Machinenetweight :≤5000kg

Operating ambient temperature:-5~40°C

Air supply requirements:Airpressure0.4~0.7MPa

Controlsystem:Siemens 808D






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