PCM-120AC Pipe Chamfering Machine

Single End Pipe& Bar Chamfering Machine


● Hydraulci and Pneumatic Driver available for option

● OD up to 120mm large diameter pipe capacity,rod up to diameter 25mm.

● Specially for thick-wall pipe,large diameter bar

● Adjustable speed of cutter head for different type material

● Suitable for Ground stakes requirements

● Heavy duty machine structure ensure perfect process request

● Exchangeable clamp for different sizes of pipe, tubing and solid bar



Model PCM-120ACP PCM-120ACH
Drive Type Pneumatic  drive Hydraulic drive
Processing Pipe Diameter 30 mm – 120 mm 20 mm – 120 mm
Processing Bar Diameter 40mm 50mm
Processing Length 40mm 40mm
Processing accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Processing Speed 6-8s/Pc 6-8s/Pc
Machine Motor 2.2kw 3kw
Work Pressure 10KG MPA6-8KG
Dimension 1000*1400*1400mm 1000*1400*1400mm
Weight 800kg 800kg





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