PCM-80AC Pipe Chamfering Machine

Single End Pipe& Bar Chamfering Machine


To streamline the chamfering process, the machine offers convenient features such as manual feeding,

automatic clamping, and automatic tool advancement and retraction. These functions eliminate the need for constant manual intervention,

resulting in increased productivity and faster processing speeds.

Additionally, the machine’s high-speed performance ensures efficient operation. Moreover, the machine’s design focuses on achieving precise and consistent chamfering results.

Accurate Chamfering
The machine’s cleverly designed clamping mechanism and tool holder ensure that the workpiece remains aligned with the centerline of the cutting tool. This design feature enables the machine to uniformly complete the outer chamfer, inner chamfer, and end face of the pipe in a single pass. The result is a perfectly chamfered pipe with precise angles and smooth surfaces.In addition to its accuracy, the machine offers versatility in handling different-sized workpieces.


● Hydraulci and Pneumatic Driver available for option

● OD up to 150mm large diameter pipe capacity,rod up to diameter 25mm.

● Specially for thick-wall pipe,large diameter bar

● Adjustable speed of cutter head for different type material

● Suitable for Ground stakes requirements

● Heavy duty machine structure ensure perfect process request

● Exchangeable clamp for different sizes of pipe, tubing and solid bar


OD up to 150mm
Pipe & rod chamfering machine
Chamfer long and short pipe & rod
Single end chamfering, Manual feeding, automatic clamping, automatic chamfering




Drive Type Pneumatic drive Hydraulic drive
Processing Pipe Diameter 6 mm – 80mm 6 mm – 80mm
Processing Bar Diameter 8 mm – 20mm 8mm- 25mm
Processing Length above 35mm above 35mm
Processing accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Processing Speed 6-8s/Pc 6-8s/Pc
Machine Motor 1.5kw 2.2kw
Work Pressure 10KG 10kg
Dimension 1000*1400*1400mm 1100*1400*1400mm
Weight 800kg 900kg








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