What should be paid attention to when using electric tapping machine?

electric tapping machine

Many client always ask us, why they always faced taps broken problem in the blind tapping  or through tapping with tapping machine?

how to avoid such taps broken trouble? we all know that drilling & tapping is complicated work, there are many factors to affect when do tapping with electric tapping machine, below is our some suggestion points:

1: when hydraulic/air/ electric tapping machine do tapping work, the drilling hole of the threaded bottom hole on the workpiece should be chamfered in advance, and both ends of the through hole thread are need chamfering.

2: Workpiece clamp should be very accurate with hydraulic/air/ electric tapping machine , try to make the middle line of the threaded hole in a vertical position (this is key important fator), so that  taps can easily determine whether the tap axis is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece.

3: At the beginning of tapping with hydraulic/air/ electric tapping machine, try to position the tap as much as possible, and then apply pressure to the tap and shift the twister. When the tap cuts 1-2 turns, carefully check and correct the position of the tap. Generally, when hydraulic/air/ electric tapping machine cutting 3-4 turns of thread, the position of the tap should be accurate. In the future, only need to move and change the twister, and no more pressure on the tap, otherwise the thread profile will be destroyed.

4: When hydraulic/air/ electric tapping machine  tapping, every 1/2-1 turn of the twister should be turned, about 1/2 turn should be reversed, so that the chips can be easily discharged after breaking, and it can reduce the phenomenon that the cutting edge is stuck due to sticky chips. .

5: When the hydraulic/air/ electric tapping machine cannot tap the screw hole, it is necessary to withdraw the tap frequently to remove the chips in the hole. Failure to clean hydraulic/air/ electric tapping machine it will affect the consequences of the next tapping, and the tap will not move or the tap will be broken happen.

6: When changing to the next tap in the  process of the electric/air/hydraulic tapping machine, first screw in the tapped and thread by manual. When it is too late to screw in, then use the twister to turn and automatically tap. The electric/air/hydraulic tapping machine is an automatic production equipment, it is divided into automatic and semi-automatic. The equipment belongs to the field of thread forming machinery. Advantages of electric/air/hydraulic tapping machine: reduce the work intensity of workers, improve the efficiency of tapping, and ensure the safety of workers. .

7: When electric/air/hydraulic tapping machine  tapping the screw holes of plastic materials, the electric/air/hydraulic tapping needs to add lubricating coolant. The electric/air/hydraulic tappingbelongs to the field of thread forming machinery. The composition includes a working platform, the left end of which is provided with a bottom plate, the left end of the bottom plate is fixed with an empty rack, and the left end of the empty rack is fixed with a discharging groove. For steel materials, generally used organic or concentrated emulsions require higher available rape oil or molybdenum disulfide. For stainless steel, 30# engine oil or vulcanized oil can be used.

8: After the application of the electric/air/hydraulic tapping machine is stopped, the taps must be cleaned up accordingly. Some cleint still operate normally after decades of use.

electric tapping machine


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