Top 10 Welding Machine Manufacturers

No matter if you want to repair metals work or use metals as part of your job, in all work cases, a welders machine  is the most neccessary method used in order to join the metal pieces together firmly. This introductioon is on providing you all kinds of welding company information and useful information to help you in making the appropriate choose for different welding machine that can best suit your requirement.

How To Choose the Most Perfect Welding Machine For Your Metal working Requirements?

#1)Nature of the metal itself,

#2)Select the right welding location

#3)Choose the proper ampere range

#4)Meet to the compressed gas requirements

If you are in the need of buying electric welding machine, we suggest a best solution for you. You can find the information of the top ten manufactures of welding machine for metalworking industry in the next introduction


Rank Manufacturing Company Head Quarters
1 Hobart USA


3 Millermatic USA


5 Lincoln USA


7 Primeweld USA
8 Amicoelectric USA
9 Everlast USA


Headquarter: USA

Hobart welding machine

In 1996, Hobart Welding Machine was first established by their company. They produced their welding machine with unique designs and stable, reasonable prices. now Hobart has become famous for its versatile and reasonably priced weldiers.

Product Features:

  1. Easy and convenient to use
  2. Hobart- 500553 model welder 5-position voltage control.
  3. This Welding machine output amperage is 30-140.
  4. Hobart – 500553 model design is Compact and ergonomic.
  5. This welding machine  can weld the 24 ga to ¼ mild steel.
  6. Mig Welding Machine has a wire feed speed range of 60-700 IPM.
  7. Hobart- 500553 model welding machine is recommended for copper, brass, iron, magnesium alloy, and alu cast

Headquarter: USA

Forney  Background:


Forney Industries is one of America’s earliest operating family owned equipment and accessory product companies. Headquartered  located in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company was founded in 1932 and introduced the first publicly available arc electric welding machine in the 1940s. nowdays Today, Forney offers thousands of metalworking products within four categories: welding, abrasives, personal protective equipment and shop tools. Machine tools

Product Features:




Millermatic Background:

Easily recognized with its own bright blue welders, Miller Electric is one of the largest suppliers of welder products in the world.

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC,  headquarter located in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, and wholly owned by Illinois Tool Works . The company maintains its industry leadership by applying  the strictly standard for reliability, quality and responsiveness.

Product Features:

  • Heavy-duty work
  • High quality welding
  • Extensive range of settings
  • Excellent stock MIG gun
  • Portable and safe
  • Long warranty time

Headquarter: USA



Located in California, USA, Lotos provide quality well welding and cutting machine to the small businesses and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) clients Since 2006 and received well reputation

Lotos  always employs latest technologies and knowledge , such as MOSFET , PWM , etc. to deliver a stable,consistent, and precise current to the materials surface.


Product Features:

  • Easy and safe to use.
  • This welding machine will be able ½ Inch Clean room Cut because it has included plasma
  • This is only 19 pounds weight.
  • favorable price. So saves your much money.


Headquarter: USA

Lincoln Background:

Lincoln welding machine

as One of the oldest companies in making welding and cutting machine

Lincoln Electric was established on December 5, 1895, in Ohio, U.S.A. An initial $210 investment was used to develop and commercialize a special, direct current electric motor for industrial applications. What started as a fire spark of ingenuity flickered and gained momentum.

Product Features:

  1. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 welder Overall Height: 12 13/16 in and Overall Width: 8 13/16 in, Hz 50/60.
  2. This welding machine gives you a Duty Cycle: 20 %. Its engine power electric(AC) and input power 115(volts).
  3. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 welder minimum ampere output 35 (amps).
  4. You will get Its maximum amperage output of 100 (amps) and its maximum wire speed item is 280.
  5. This welding machine material application thickness (in) is 135 and Welded Material: Mild Steel plate.


Headquarter: USA

Weldpro Background:

Weldpro Welding machine

Weldpro company mainly manufacture and offer MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutters, and accessories,Weldpro is the subsidiary of a multi-national big company and continue to grow in the local American market.  their vast sales network includes teams in the United States, East Europe, Australia and mostly of Asia.


Headquarter: USA

Primeweld Background:

PRIMEWELD welding machine

With years of rich experience working with their welding machine products and they are always available to help client to figure out solutions for any project clients are working on with Primeweld machines.

At PrimeWeld company, they go out of our way to give client the accurate welding experience as possible as while maintaining the highest quality standards in safety, and when it refers to TIG welding and MIG welding machine.


The Primeweld  welding power can supply areally strong, concentrated and stable arc.

it is easier to design itself as a welding machine with different dynamic advantage,

welder can even be adjusted to make the arc softer or harder possible

Their system outperforms other welding systems with its excellent arc quality, voltage stability, duty cycle and real value.

8. Amicoelectric 

Headquarter: USA

WITTE Background:

amicoelectric WELDING MACHINE

Founded in 1995, amicoelectric always focus on the being experts in arc welding field,they specialize in the design, make, and support of an assortment of welders and cutting machines and provide excellent service to the client

Their commitment to quality and dependability makes amicoelectric the brand name client can trust for all of their welding requirements.


more efficient, economical, and durable products,

dedicated to provide the most customer satisfaction

  • Multi-process welding machine
  • Adjustable preset synergic buttons settings
  • competitve price



Headquarter: USA

Everlast  Background:


Since Everlast  were founded in 2005 in San Francisco,  USA and began WORK operations as a small e-based generator and electric welding machine company, Everlast Power Products Inc. has now became a multi-national company with much welding macghine agent distributorships in many countries in the world.

They move in 2009 toward being a competitive all in price, product performance, quality, and sound service when they began to work on the release of the first generation of "Power" series platform inverter electric welding machine and plasma cutting machines. Everlast  have put a lot of faith in their "Power" series electric welding machine and and plasma cutting machine.


Features & Benefits:
  • Inverter based design lowers weight and power while increasing arc best performance
  • Basic, familiar durable design allows easy transfer of operator without skills
  • Durable IGBT components offer electric welding machine longer life
  • Stable, smooth arc with good wet in electric welding machine charachteristics
  • 120V/220V volate input design allows the unit to be used almost anywhere in the world
  • Solid drive mechanism is specially designed with years of usage
  • Standard Drive Rolls can feed .024"-.032" Wire diameter
  • Designed to be used with both 4" and 9" Wire Spools


Headquarter: USA

ESAB  Background:


Like many other brands, ESAB (Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget) began as a pioneer in welding machine products.

In 1904, Oscar Kjellberg made the first ever flux-coated welding electrode from his new company. Even today, also many electrodial consumables bear the initials O.K.. ESAB is a now subsidiary of the Colfax Corporation

  • Rugged welder machine that is built to last long
  • High availability of spare parts and companies that can fix broken machines
  • Reliable and long-lasting equipment
  • Offers machines that are true multi-use Provides MIG, TIG and stick welders
  • most respected electrode manufacturers in the world


In above Article we have shown ten leading companies all over the world manufacturing welding machine for metal working industry. We are sure you must can find your solution to buying the desired welder according to your needs.

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