Top 10 Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturers

If you are in the machinery industry that requires rolled threads, then you might want to know about thread rolling machines.

Thread rolling is a type of threading process which involves deforming a metal stock by rolling it through dies to form external threads along its surface. Many different kinds of thread rolling machines are used according to the customers need.

thread rolling machine, thread rollerHere we have put together the Top 10 thread rolling machine manufacturers in the world, to help you find the best manufacturer according to your need.

How To Choose the Most Perfect thread rolling Machine For Your Metal working Requirements?

#1)Nature of the metal itself,

#2)Select the right thread rolling die

#3)Choose the proper ampere range

#4)Meet to the compressed gas requirements

If you are in the need of buying thread rolling Machine, we suggest a best solution for you. You can find the information of the top ten manufactures of thread rolling Machine for metalworking industry in the next introduction


Rank Manufacturer Headquarter
1 C.J. WINTER Rochester, New York
2 GOVAMA Izmir, Turkey
3 PROFIROLL Saxony, Germany
4 TESKER Wisconsin, United States
5 KIM UNION Taichung City, Taiwan
6 ARMPRO China
7 NISSEI Yamanashi Ken, Japan
8 PMC Taipei City, Taiwan
9 REED MACHINERY Massachusetts, United States
10 KINEFAC Massachusetts, United States

Headquarters – Rochester, New York


C.J. Winter is renowned company throughout the world. Mainly for its high-quality thread rolls, thread rolling attachments that are easy to adjust, at affordable prices and the industry's fastest turnaround times. At present it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cold-displacement, cylindrical dies, and attachments.

C.J. Winter first started its operations in 1956 and later acquired by Robert J. Brinkman in 1969 and has been in operation for 66 years. The company firstly focused on manufacturing tools and accessories for the Davenport screw machine. Only after Robert j. Brinkman acquired the company they pioneered in the development of the pneumatic thread-rolling attachment and later went on to  include  thread-rolling  dies both  for  its  own  attachment  as  well  as  for  those  from  other manufacturers.

Key Products

C.J. Winters manufacture high end cold-displacement, cylindrical dies, and attachments. Some of their key products are listed below,

➢ Attachment Rolls

➢ Thread Rolls

➢ Cylindrical/Machine Dies

➢ Shave Tools

➢ Matched taper for pipe threads

➢ 11070 Series

➢ 11071 Series

➢ 11072 Series

Recommend Reason

  •   C. J. Wintershasa long history of manufacturing high end reliable products and offering higher quality services to its consumers.
  •   Thecompanyhas many branches and sells its products and services across the world.
  •   Thecompanyalso has a good reputation for its superior customer service, expert technical support, quick delivery, Innovation and quality, and custom engineered solutions.
  •   Threadrollingattachments  are  known  for  being  easy  to  adjust,  which  makes  them convenient to use and helps to reduce downtime in manufacturing operations.
  • C.J. Winteris able to offer customization options for its products to meet the specific requirements of its customers.

Headquarters - Izmir, Turkey


GOKCUOGLU A.S. was first established in  1975 in Izmir, Turkey. The company has been manufacturing  standard cylindrical, and with reinforced  construction column Thread Rolling Machines. And it is the industry leader of thread rolling machine production in turkey. In 1982, the company successfully exported the first thread rolling machines. And went on to export 70% of itsproduction to USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Iran, and other Middle East countries.

Key Products

GOKCUOGLU A.S. manufacture almost every kind of machining product using new technologies and high capabilities. Below are some of their key thread rolling machines products model.

➢ HK -S

➢ HK – 3

➢ K – 15

➢ K – 25

➢ 3R – 3

➢ 3R – 90

➢ 2HK – 25

➢ ROT – 1

Recommend Reason

  • GOKCUOGLUA.S has been manufacturing thread rolling machine products for a half century, Producing higher quality specialized products.
  • They use new technologies to manufacture their machining product.
  • Thecompanyis known for using their high-quality production techniques in the manufacturing process to manufacture higher quality products.
  • Offeringhigherquality services and after sales support to the consumers.

Headquarters – Saxony, Germany


Profiroll Technologies was first established in  1999 in Germany. The company manufacture machines and dies for producing threads, profiles, splines, and rings. They offer a range of services including  the  supply  of machines  and  tools,  contract  manufacturing, process  development, encrypted data exchange, regrinding, and profile measuring, and start-up assistance.

Key Products

The company offers a range of Thread rolling machines and dies. Below listed are few of their key products.

➢ PR 16.1

➢ PR 25.1

➢ PR 5e PRS

➢ 2-PR 80e PRS

➢ PR 15 HP

➢ 2-PR 40 HP

➢ PRX 36 E-CNC


Recommend Reason

  • Profiroll Technologies offers high-quality tools and equipment for producing threads, profiles, and other precision parts.
  • The company use innovations to make their Thread rolling machines and tools better.
  • The company has a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider of thread rolling machine equipment.
  • Offeringhigher quality services and after sales support to the consumers, to offer the best products and services.

Headquarters – Wisconsin, United States


Tesker manufacturing corporation was founded in 1967 by don tesker with the vision of building machinery and tooling as strong and durable as he would want to buy. The company offers a range of products and services, including thread rolling machines, dies, fixtures, and technical support They have been in the thread rolling machine manufacturing in well over 50 years and managed to produce high quality, reliable products. Tesker corporation has a specific branch for high-quality thread rolling dies and die regrinding called Texas Die.

Key products

Tesker manufactures a full range of high quality, durable thread rolling machines for every size and threading needs. Below are some of their key products.

➢ Tesker Model 215E 2-Die

➢ Tesker Model 740E 2-Die

➢ Tesker Model 840E 2-Die

➢ Tesker Model 2830E 3-Die

➢ Tesker Model 4840E 3-Die

➢ Tesker Model 35E 2-Die

thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling

thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling

Recommend Reason

  •   Tesker manufactures a full range of high quality, durable threadrollingmachines for every size and threading needs.
  • Teskerhas been in business since  1967, giving it a long history in the thread rolling industry. This experience and expertise can be valuable for clients looking for a reliable and trusted partner
  •   Theyalsooffer higher quality customer and after sale support services to their consumers.
  •   Tesker offer customizablemachinesand tooling to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Headquarters - Taichung City, Taiwan China


Kim Union Industrial Co., Ltd. Was found in 1972 in Taiwan. It is the only company in Taiwan to manufacture thread rolling machines and thread rolling dies. They have over 30 years of working experience in the industry. Due to that vast experience, they are able to manufacture durable, precise, practical, and solid machines with excellent designs.

Kim Union Industrial Co., Ltd. Main goal is to provide better quality products with lower price to their customers.

Kim union manufactures a full range of machines needed in thread rolling process. Different types of Thread  Rolling  Machines  like, regular  thread  rolling  machines,  hydraulic  thread  rolling machines,  cam  thread  rolling  machines,  Gear  serrationing  rolling  machines.  They  also manufacture thread rolling dies, serration / knurling rolling dies.

Key products

Kim union manufactures different types of thread rolling machines and thread rolling dies. Listed below are few of their key products.

➢ UM – 50(50A)

➢ UM – 75(75A)

➢ UM – 20

➢ UM – 3DX

➢ UM – 50H

➢ with long bar feeding system (UM- 16)

➢ Set Screw Thread Rolling Machine (UM- 16 & vibration feeding system)

thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling

Recommend Reason

  • KimUnion Industrial Co., Ltd. Has over 30 years of experience in the industry. They use their expertise, their rich manufacturing experience, and their outstanding skills to produce durable, precise, practical, and solid machines with excellent designs.
  • Thecompany has received praise and unanimity from customers in both their local and abroad markets.
  • Kim Union Industrial Co., Ltd. offers a full range of thread rolling machines and dies to meet the needs of different applications.
  •   Thecompanyprovide their customers with high-quality products at a lower price.

6. Armpro Machinery

Headquaters – China


Armpro tools and machinery Co. Ltd. Is a Chinese metalwork machinery and machine tool production company that has been in operation for 20 years. The company is known for its innovations and customer satisfaction and has a reputation for providing efficient and competitive thread rolling machine and thread rolling die  to  customers.  It  is  the  only thread rolling machine and thread rolling die manufacturer  to  offer  all  kinds  of metalworking machinery.

The company manufacturet hread rolling machine and thread rolling die and tools to the automotive industry, molds & dies, auxiliary in  CNC  machines,  plate  industry,  mechanization  industry,  aerospace  industry,  consumer electronics, medical industry, defense industry, oil and gas industry, etc.

Key Products

Armpro tools and machinery Co. Ltd. Offers a wide selection of high-quality thread rolling machine and thread rolling die  for their customers. Listed below are their key products.

➢ TR150

➢ TR200

➢ TR280

➢ TR630

➢ TG-3C


Cylindrical Thread Rolling Dies

➢ Thread Rolling Flat Die


Recommend Reason

  • Armpro tools  and machinery  Co.  Ltd.  has  well  over  20  years  of  experience  in manufacturing and providing its customers quality, precision, longevity and value stability products and services.
  • Theyoffera wide range of machines and services to the customers.
  • Thecompany also offers prompt delivery services of their products and great after sale support.
  • Armpro is known for its focus on innovation and efficiency.

Headquarters - Yamanashi Ken, Japan


Nissei is a Japanese company founded in 1939 that specializes in the manufacturing of foam rolling machines,  gear  rolls  and  thread  rolling  machines. Nissei  first began as a company that manufactured taps and dies. The company has a long history of innovation and is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service.

It was in 1955 they began on manufacturing thread rolling machines. Like every machine that is made in Japan, the thread rolling and foam rolling machines manufactured by Nissei are ofsuperior quality and reliable. In 1972 the company began technical cooperation with the Reed Corporation in the USA.

Nissei has a global network of sales and service centers, and its products are sold in more than 90 countries around the world.

Key Products

Nissei offers a range of different foam rolling machines, gear rolls and thread rolling machines. Below are their key products.

➢ Galaxy CNC Form Rolling Machine (GA-330B/CNC)

➢ Aries CNC Form Rolling Machine (ND-30/CNC)

➢ Comet CNC Thread Rolling Machine (FA-20/CNC)

➢ Z-Comet gear roll

➢ Comet High Precision Cam-Type Thread Rolling Machine (FA-5S)

➢ Comet High Precision Hydraulically Actuated Thread Rolling Machine (FA- 10UN)

➢ 3-Die Form Rolling Machine

thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling

Recommend Reason

Nissei is a reputable and reliable manufacturer of high-quality products of foam rolling machines, gear  rolls  and  thread  rolling  machines. Nissei  continuously  innovates  and  develop  of new technologies, which allows them to offer a wide range of advanced machines. The company has a global network of sales and services, making it easy for customers to access the company's products and services. The company also offers a great customer support and after sales support.

Headquarters - Taiwan China


The company was founded in Taiwan and has been in operation for 40 years. It is one of the leading companies that manufacture thread rolling machines, thread cutting machines, wire bending and sheet metal roll  forming machines in  Taiwan. PMC was  able to make history with various developments and innovations in the field of rolling using circular dies. The company export its products to oversea markets such as, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Iran, Japan etc.

Key products

PMC offers a wide range of thread rolling machines, thread cutting machines and wire working machines. Below are few of their key products.

➢ Model No. PM-3D-30 / PM-3D-60

➢ Model No. PM- 160VS/PM-200VS-D/PM-250VS

➢ Model No. PMC AWBF-220A

➢ Model No. PT - 4AA – BAR

➢ Model No. ANTC – 4

➢ Model No. PS-2VS

➢ Model No. AC-40-700D/AC-30-500D

➢ Model No. PM-75VS-L/PM- 120VS/PM- 120VS-HS/PM- 120VS-TWIN

thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling

Recommend Reason

  • PMCoffers a wide range of thread rolling, thread cutting and wire working machines to customers to suite their need.
  •   PMCaddvarious developments and innovation techniques when manufacturing their products.
  • PMCoffers a good customer support and after sales support.
  •   Thecompanyhas a considerable stronghold in the overseas market.
  •   Knownforproducing high-quality thread rolling equipment that is reliable and efficient

9. Reed Machinery

Headquarters – Massachusetts, United States


Reed Machinery was founded in USA in 2003.It was founded in order to acquire the reed thread rolling business assets from Reed-Rico. Reed thread rolling business has a vast history ranging from 1916. The company is privately owned and specializes in the manufacturing of thread rolling equipment, including two- and three-die cylindrical thread rollers, planetary thread rollers, flat die thread rollers, thread rolling attachments, and Waterbury headers and threaders.

The  company  provide  equipment  that  is  properly  tooled  to  meet  production  rate  and  part specifications while prioritizing operator safety.

Key Products

Reed  machinery  manufactures  thread  rolling  machine,  thread  rolling  attachments,  and Waterbury headers and threaders. Below are their key products.

➢ 2-Die Cylindrical B105 series

➢ Model A75N Planetary Nail Threader

➢ Model A22 Vertical three die cylindrical machine

➢ Model A25 Horizontal three die cylindrical machine

➢ 2030- 180

➢ 1/4″ Waterbury/Waterbury Header Rebuild

thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling

Recommend Reason

  •  Withalong history in the thread rolling business, reed machinery has a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider of thread rolling equipment.
  •  Knownforproducing high-quality thread rolling equipment that are reliable and efficient.
  • The company works closely with its customers to provide customized solutions that meet their specific needs.
  • Reed  Machinery  offers  a  wide  range  of  thread  rolling  equipment,  thread  rolling attachments, and Waterbury headers and threaders to meet the customers needs.
  • Reed Machinery has a staff of experienced professionals who can offer customers advice and support.

Headquarters - Massachusetts, USA


Kinefac Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision metalworking machinery, with a focus on metal turning and metal forming technology. The company was founded in 1962 and has since established itself as a global leader in the industry. Since the company produce an extremely diverse set of precision parts for many different industries and products, their kniefac machines can found all over the world. Kinefac houses six corporate divisions: KINEFAC, KINE-FORM, KINECOIL, KINESPIN, KINEPOWER,  and KINEPRO.  Each  division  focus  on  developing advanced CNC metal forming and metal cutting systems. All Kinefac  thread rolling machine are developed and manufactured in the USA using high-quality parts and raw materials.

Key Products

Kinefac corporation offers a wide range of thread rolling machines. Below are some of their key products.

➢ Powerbox kineroller™ 2-die rolling machine

➢ Kineroller™ 3-die rolling machine

➢ Kinextrude™ extrusion machine

➢ Kineturn™ center drive turning machine

➢ Kineflow™ and kinecrimp™ radial forming machine

thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling thread rolling machine, thread roller,thread roller dies, flat die thread rolling

Recommend Reason

  •   Kniefac has a ton of expertise and experience in the industry since it has been operatingfor morethan 50 years.
  • Kinefac offers a wide range of machinery and technological solutions.
  •   Theadvancedtechnology the use in the machines, features like interactive user interfaces, process control and monitoring, and automatic parts handling systems.
  •   Kinefac'sproductsare known for their high quality and reliability, as evidenced by the company's ISO 9001:2015 registration
  • Kinefacoffers ongoing support and maintenance for its products, including training and technical assistance to help customers.



Thread rolling is an economical way to manufacture precision lead screws. You can get many benefits, if you invest in the right type of thread rolling machine according to your need. Detailed above are the top 10 thread rolling manufacturers in the world for you to select. These manufacturers offer higher quality, reliable thread rolling machines to make your work easier.

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